New Kits and Designer Interviews!

Your January catalog is just about to arrive in your mailbox, but here is a sneak preview of what is inside! We have 6 new kits, and since this is the colorwork themed catalog, these kits feature a lot of interesting techniques to incorporate color into your knitting projects.
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Comfort Through Color

You know what I find myself wanting most at this time of year, when the grey Northwestern winter feels like it will never end?

This is the New Traditions Afghan, which I designed hoping to soothe the post-holiday winter blues. At this time of year, I always need a little bit of extra cheerfulness and a shot of color is a surefire way to provide that! The geometric blocks themselves, which borrow their star …

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Movies to rip by

I was chatting with a friend yesterday and she had discovered a mistake in the ribbing of her current project.
I loved her solution to this knitting disaster. As she said, “You can’t really go back and fix ribbing easily. So, I slipped my Julie/Julia DVD into the machine and laughed my way through 10 inches of ribbing ripping!”
That got me thinking. When I had to rip out my Shiver Scarf, I chose to wait until we …

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Crafty Vacation

I went home to Northern California for Christmas, and although I’ve been back for a week, I haven’t had a chance to blog about it until now! While in Northern California, I took a day trip to San Francisco to visit friends from college and to check out some art museums. I know that there is quite a bit of debate within the knitting community about what is art and what is craft and whether knitting should be recognized as …

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New Tutorials Page

Hi Everyone!
We have been working on improving our tutorials, reorganizing them in a logical way, making them easy to search and navigate, and adding more content. Now if you click on the tutorial tab in the Knitting Community, you will be redirected to the new tutorial site. Here is a link.

We now have over 100 tutorials, and I have tried to curate them so you can find exactly what you need in categories.
Just starting …

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There may be something to this New Years thing after all!

Maybe the holiday season is hectic so that we appreciate the quiet that follows. Time to ponder plans for the New Year, as I have been doing. Lots and lots of rain combined with a fire in the fireplace makes for a productive weekend. Sorry, Linda, but it was raining so hard on Friday that I didn’t want to go out to find a Hot Chocolate Pot. But, it will be a priority for next week!
Let’s …

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