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Happy New Yarn(s)!

The 3rd week in January isn’t too late to be celebrating the new year, right? We didn’t think so either! In fact, since several of our newest yarns were delightfully delayed this last launch (insert an image of us cry-laughing here), we weren’t able to roll them out with the usual fanfare. Alas, the long awaited blog post announcing all (of the rest of) the exciting new yarny goodness is hot off the wordpress and ready for all you fiber fiends to peruse! Get. Ready.

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Knit Picks Needles
Taking Stock of the Stash: Knit Picks Organizational Tips

January is a month for clean sweeps and fresh starts. We compile lists of resolutions that can span from the achievable to the nearly impossible. As crafters we all know the resolution to organize the craft space can seem more impossible then achievable.  Especially after a year of fawning over new yarn colors, downloading pattern after pattern, testing out new needles and hooks, surrounding ourselves in a plethora of supplies. We at Knit Picks definitely understand your plight and offer some helpful tips to take stock of the stash.

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