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Knit Picks Inis Aran
Stitch Story: Aran Islands

Photo credit: Knitters in the know are often more than familiar with the classic Aran jumper; big chunky Irish ganseys (or guernseys), traditionally hand-knitted from unbleached wool. Originally worn by working fishermen, they also became popular fashion garments in the US during the “golden” era of Hollywood. Grace Kelly. Steve McQueen. Paul Newman. Marilyn Monroe. Icons in their own right, the stars of the ...

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Yarn Weights
Knitting Terms – Yarn Weights

For experienced knitters, we get so used to knitting terms that we don’t even think about them anymore, but for the beginner it can seem bewildering. A little understanding can go a long way, and I’ve always found a singular pleasure in “useless" knowledge, so let’s explore a little about yarn weights.

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