Progress! Well, some at least.

I’ve just crossed the halfway point for the sleeves on hubby’s sweater!

It’s very weird going from knitting one large body to two small sleeves, and having to repeat the same round twice. So, I’ve had to tink a lot and haven’t made as speedy progress as I’d like! They’re just about long enough to reach his elbows…

and my knee!

These felt so nice as legwarmers when I put them …

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April Catalog Preview

A lot of excitement around here as we debut our new spring yarn colors! I’ve put together the latest catalog preview for your viewing
pleasure, lots of colorful photos to peruse and fun, spring-y projects to make.
As you may be able to tell, we always have a lot of fun going on location for our photography. And this time we were lucky enough to visit the Kennedy School here in Portland. Everyone was so …

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The importance of documentation

A couple of weeks ago I spent a day gathering up my far-flung WIPs. I had bags in my library, in my knitting nook, in the living room, in the bedroom and in my office at work! Seeing everything piled up in one place was a bit daunting but, in the perverse attitude of a fiber freak, fantastically energizing.

Using Ravelry and my Knit Buddy iTouch app, I arranged everything into two categories. …

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Mindless Knitting Crisis!

My Stonington shawl has been one of my Mindless Knitting projects. I usually only have a couple in progress with the rest of my WIPs being more intellectually stimulating.

Well, this weekend I finally finished my other simple project – the Angora Socks! Hurrah!!

I left you in suspense with my last blog entry and the analysis of what I thought was a small mathematical miscalculation.

I had to leave you in suspense because I was left …

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Wouldn’t you think that this would be one of the first Ravelry names taken? Knitting? Chocolate? Well, you would be so wrong!!

Let’s go back a couple of years to a lovely spot in Mexico. I’m sitting by the pool with Xena, knitting away on something when a young girl and her brother come up to me and ask if they can say, “Hi” to Xena.
Of course Xena is doing her wiggle/wiggle thing which translates into, “Oh boy, …

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