A Day Just Like Any Other Day?

When I first heard about Worldwide Knit in Public Day, I didn’t really understand the concept. I mean, I knit in public ALL THE TIME. On public transportation, in the car, in restaurants,in airports…..at any seated event really. And some un-seated: in line at the post office, at the bank…I could go on and on. So, what’s the point of a whole entire day devoted to knitting in public? I already do that!

Then I realized that I have only certain types of projects that I knit on in public. Socks are the most likely thing you’ll spot me working on because they are so portable. Mittens and gloves are up there too, closely followed by hats and cowls. When I knit in public, I don’t drag out the afghans, the color work, the sweaters knit in pieces with 2 sleeves on the needle at once, the snowy white lace that I’m terrified of spilling marinara sauce all over, for obvious reasons: my own convenience and the convenience of those around me. Trust me, you don’t want to be in line behind me at the bank when my number is called and I’m wrestling with 8 balls of yarn in a fair isle vest!

And this realization has shown me the meaning of Knit in Public day. For one day, it’s about the knitting rather than the convenience. For one day, it is acceptable to knit a huge, in-pieces sweater that hangs down my lap.

For one day, I’ll work on my pretty white cotton project and take care to safeguard it against stains (Note that although I am sleepy, and although I am in a coffee shop, I AM NOT YET DRINKING COFFEE. It is a greater duty [and honor] to safeguard the sweater.)

And, since it is still a day in MY life, I’ll cast on a sock, with yarn that I love (Bare Essential Tweed hand-dyed by me with food coloring in ultra-vibrant rainbow colors!)

Happy Knit in Public day everyone! I hope to hear about all your great experiences when I’m back next week! <