Yarn Colors are ready for their close-up, Mr. DeMille

Shopping for yarn online can be a maddening guessing game. Is that a Teal or a Turquoise strand in Shimmer Hand Dyed Shallows? Will Comfy Sport’s Seafoam and Marlin clash or compliment each other? Its a lot to ask from your computer screen, but on Knit Picks, we’ve recently added full-color, 300 pixel close-ups that bring each yarn color to life. As always, our team of photographers takes great care to achieve real-life color accuracy, but you shouldn’t have to squint to see all those beautiful colors!

Still not sure if Fennel is the right color for your new lace shawl? Our most popular yarns also have a detailed written description of the colors and transitions you’ll find in the yarn.

The best part? You can view multiple pop-ups at the same time to compare different colors from the same yarn line!

Step 1: Find a color that catches your eye and click on the thumbnail with your cursor.

Step 2: A window will appear within the page, showing a larger image and text description.

Step 3: Click on a second color and move the window using your cursor to compare multiple colors on the page.

Try it out! <