knock knock….Candygram

I’ve been busy working on Christmas gifts – and those recipients, as much as I love them, tend to nose around my blog posts & flickr page so I haven’t been able to show off what I’ve done. But my youngest nephew is a December baby and when I saw ran across a certain pattern, I had to make it for him.

That’s both of my nephews in the shot actually – birthday boy is 5, the other is …

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My drop spindle arrived!

Actually it arrived on Monday but our office renovation has left me so exhausted at the end of the day that I couldn’t do anything other than read and rest every evening. This morning I not only woke up ready to bond with my new little friend but I was determined to learn how to “Navajo Ply on the Fly”! More about that later.
Let’s start with the comfortable feeling that came back amazingly quickly! Remember that my “crushed” spindle was …

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Miss Eiderdown’s Stocking pattern

Hi Everyone!
Have you all listened to parts 1 and 2 of Miss Eiderdown’s Stocking holiday story?
When I listened to the story, I was inspired to knit a special Christmas stocking of my own. We released a Miss Eiderdown’s Stocking pattern, knit with Gloss HW, and I designed duplicate stitch charts so you can add a design after you finish your stocking. There are charts for a snowman, a snowflake, and an …

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DPN or Two Circulars or Magic Loop?

As modern knitters we are blessed with a potentially mind-boggling array of new methods for knitting.
For centuries knitters used Double Pointed Needles (DPNs) for knitting small circumference items like sleeves, sweater necks, mittens, etc. But, with the advent of circular needles, knitting with two circular needles became another method.
When Socks Soar on Circular Needles came out, we had quite the civil war in the building. I, for one, completely converted to knitting with two circulars.
Then, Bev …

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Seeking comfort

We are heading into the third week of renovation chaos in the office. Thankfully my office space is shaping up nicely and I’ve been able to be productive all day! What a nice change!
The problem is that Xena is not at all comfortable with boxes in hallways, strange men walking around pushing big, heavy carts and people in new spaces! When she does find someone in a “normal” space, she demands attention. Kate offered some love and comfort.
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Christmas time stresses…

I want you to know I have great intentions… but darn!, Christmas sneaks up on me every year… you would think I would learn… last night I was working until after midnight on some gifts I am giving tonight…

why do I do this???? Well it started many many years ago… probably 35 to be exact… I was so excited when I learned to knit. I decided I was going to knit everyone a gift… again, great intentions… …

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Sock Knitting Community Embarassment — But, I redeemed myself!

Ok, yesterday was a crazy day!! I was running behind schedule and grabbed the first pair of socks that I touched in the sock drawer. And, look what I had to deal with all day!

Store bought socks!! Yes, I have, what? – eight pairs of lovely hand-knit socks in that same drawer!! What was I thinking! No more sock selection before coffee!
This morning I redeemed myself for this blow to the sock knitting community. …

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