Mary Scott Huff event is next week!

I am so excited about the Mary Scott Huff event!
Here is a reminder of the event details:
Date: November 11, 2009
Time: 7-9pm
Location: Billy Frank Jr room at the Ecotrust building
721 NW 9th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97209

The Ecotrust Building is one of my favorite spots in Portland. It was the first LEED Gold certified historic renovation in the country. Much of the building uses reclaimed and recycled materials and the building is …

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Spock Monkey and ClosetGeek are famous.

Today Deborah Douglas, the creator of the cute Captain Kirk creation that you originally saw in the Halloween slideshow, sent us a link to this video of a local news story about her friend, Elisa Willis, AKA ClosetGeek, her Spock Monkey, and our Mr. Foster Halloween Costume Contest!

Captain James Tiberius Kirk Monkey
Can you believe that Spock Monkey was on the news? And that he and Captain Kirk really …

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It’s in the bag!

There are a lot of bag kits available for fall! Bags are a great way to learn new techniques without worrying about whether the finished product needs to fit. But, they often require a lot of finishing and findings that you wouldn’t ordinarily use for a garment. And, since a bag can really be a great statement piece or say a lot about its wearer, finding unique purse hardware can really add to the impact!
So, where do you start? Well, …

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Suggestions for future instructional videos

Now that I’m finished with my Learn To Knit Socks video series, I am ready to tackle some new projects. I would love suggestions!
Here is what I already have on my list
Mittens – I will be using DPNs and a two-color pattern. I haven’t chosen the pattern yet.
Understanding a sock pattern using either DPNs or Magic Loop
Designing basics for an Aran Sweater – How to plan out placement of cables.

That’s all I have now so please …

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