Coffee and knitting in public

The funny thing about World Wide Knit in Public day (WWKIP), is that I almost always knit in public. I’m just not home a lot! I think the reason that I enjoy knitting so much is that it’s portable. I learned to knit a few years ago while I was in college, and I particularly liked that I could pull out my knitting when I was riding the bus to class or making myself sit still while reading a big textbook in the library (that produced a lot of scarves). And now that I’m out of school, I’m still always on the go. This means that I am able to dedicate more time to knitting than my more stationary hobbies such as weaving, machine sewing, or spinning.

I’m getting over a cold, so I didn’t attend a big Knit in Public event. Then I realized that most of my friends in Portland are very crafty and when we hang out, we tend to bring out our knitting projects, no matter what other activity we’re also doing. And it’s not weird. I’m rarely the only one knitting in these places. This might be due to the fact that you can wear wool in Portland for most of the year.

My friend David and I went to a coffeeshop to have a smaller scale WWKIP day.

I’m swatching City Tweed HW to knit the Vivian sweater from Twist Collective. You’ll hear a lot more about this sweater soon!

David is currently working on his second Chevalier mitten.

Sometimes when I’m knitting in public, non knitters mention to me that they just don’t have time to knit. I don’t have a lot of time, I just tend to combine knitting with other things that I’m doing. This is the only way that I’m able to finish so many projects! <