Odd inner dialog

I know I have fallen off the grid for the last few days but I have two good reasons.
First, a whammy of a migraine. I have been using a lovely medication for about a year that I absolutely love!! If has made my frequent migraines non-existent. The only downside is that only determined migraines get through the medical stockade. Set off by a huge change in our local barometric pressure, this one had a great start and took full advantage of the opportunity. Ever since I was quite young I’ve anthropromorphized my migraines – just short of naming them. Anyway, this one kept me company for a couple of days. I have something to look forward to after a migraine goes away – an odd, manic frame of mind and lots of energy. You guessed it – I cleaned.
My second reason involves secrecy and is best described by relating my …

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Everyone Needs a Goofy Hat

My ears were cold, and my mood was, um, a bit silly.

Who wouldn’t want a hat that makes them look like an Emissary of the Elf People? The pattern is Sloochie (Ravelry link), the yarn is Gloss HW, and the pointy top is awesome. Well, at least in my mind!

The pattern is worked from the pointy tip down to the brim, and there’s also a not-pointy version you can knit (but why?). There are also a couple of cute cable options for the brim – you get to pick your favorite.

I used a sewn bind off for the hat brim, since I wanted it to be as stretchy as possible. Nobody wants a red line around their forehead from a too-tight bind off!

Pattern: Sloochie by Woolly Wormhead (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Gloss …

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My largest knitting project

I am knitting an enormous wool blanket. It is almost halfway finished.

I have no cold tolerance. I’m the one wearing a giant puffy coat when everyone else is wearing a light jacket. When I’m riding my bicycle in the cold, I’m completely covered with my coat and knitwear, except for my glasses peeking out between the cowl over my nose and my hat. So when I moved to the Pacific Northwest from southern California, I had a little trouble adjusting to winters here.
I wanted to make a really warm wool blanket to keep on my bed in the winter. I was inspired by Jared Flood’s version of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitted Garter Stitch Blanket in Sheepsdown, originally published in The Opinionated Knitter.
My version is going to fit my queen size bed, so I cast on more stitches than what was used in the original pattern. I’m also knitting with …

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Always something new to learn!

I have been impatiently waiting for Abby’s book to come out and it is a treasure!!
The life changing lesson I learned from Respect the Spindle is that spindling is even more portable than a small knitting project! I had often heard spindlers say that they, “spindle every day rather than spinning at a wheel once a month”. It seemed to make sense but I had never had anyone explain it as clearly as Abby.
First, Abby has the most credibility of anyone I can imagine. As a child, she grew up in Peru. She explains that little girls in Peru take their spindles EVERYWHERE! It’s part of their social life and source of entertainment and competition. That’s why Abby is so comfortable having a spindle with her all of the time.
I decided to embrace the spindle on our trip to Mexico. Abby points out that even …

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Holiday Audio Treat: Miss Eiderdown’s Stocking

We have a special treat for Knit Picks podcast listeners this week! The folks over at Boxer Press Audio have created a knitting-themed holiday radio play, and we’ve added it to the podcast feed. It’ll be in two parts, and Part One will go live today, with Part Two going live next Friday. The story is called Miss Eiderdown’s Stocking. Kelley’s really into listening to audio books while knitting, and we thought that you would all enjoy a little extra listening material while you’re finishing up all of your gift knitting.
Here are the links to the files – you can right click and select “Save Link As” in order to download each part.
Part One (available right now!)
Part Two (available December 11th, 2009)
We also have a free stocking pattern inspired by the Eiderdown story. It’s knit in Gloss HW, and Kate designed some cute duplicate stitch charts so you can embellish …

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knock knock….Candygram

I’ve been busy working on Christmas gifts – and those recipients, as much as I love them, tend to nose around my blog posts & flickr page so I haven’t been able to show off what I’ve done. But my youngest nephew is a December baby and when I saw ran across a certain pattern, I had to make it for him.

That’s both of my nephews in the shot actually – birthday boy is 5, the other is 7.
It’s a new adorable pattern – the Deep Blue Sea Shark Mittens. My nephew is obsessed with sharks – he loves to tell me all about them & what they eat – in fact, we had an enjoyable Thanksgiving, watching the Mythbuster’s shark episode together.
They look so sad off of the hands though.

I used Swish Bulky in Squirrel Heather for the body & a double strand of …

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After 12 years, it’s time for new paint and carpeting!

We are painting and re-carpeting one entire floor of our building. One section each weekend spread over a month. On top of that, we are moving departments around as well. That means that nothing will settle back down until the middle of January. What chaos!

And then there is my “interesting” new office. Down near Marketing and Knit Picks. Lots of energy and enthusiasm! It was meant to be a conference room so I will need to pick out some furniture, etc.

Then I saw this and couldn’t resist snapping a photo!

Little knit creatures that aren’t quite “finished”. <

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My drop spindle arrived!

Actually it arrived on Monday but our office renovation has left me so exhausted at the end of the day that I couldn’t do anything other than read and rest every evening. This morning I not only woke up ready to bond with my new little friend but I was determined to learn how to “Navajo Ply on the Fly”! More about that later.
Let’s start with the comfortable feeling that came back amazingly quickly! Remember that my “crushed” spindle was a Golding Aromatherapy Spindle. I loved it but I decided that I wanted to replace it with a Golding Celtic Sheep spindle. The same size and pretty much the same weight so I shouldn’t have any trouble starting back up with my sock yarn spinning.
Love, love, love Golding Spindles!! And, I am so grateful to Abby Franquemont for my finally truly appreciating the joys of spindling. Look at me!! All …

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Miss Eiderdown’s Stocking pattern

Hi Everyone!
Have you all listened to parts 1 and 2 of Miss Eiderdown’s Stocking holiday story?
When I listened to the story, I was inspired to knit a special Christmas stocking of my own. We released a Miss Eiderdown’s Stocking pattern, knit with Gloss HW, and I designed duplicate stitch charts so you can add a design after you finish your stocking. There are charts for a snowman, a snowflake, and an evergreen tree (with falling snow). Can you tell I was inspired by the snowy Christmas we had in the Pacific Northwest last year? It’s also easy to add your own design. Write your name across the top. Or find a neat Fair Isle or cross stitch chart and duplicate stitch that onto your design. Or add duplicate stitch to any of your existing knitted projects.
Duplicate stitch is an easy was to add colorwork to your knitting without using stranded …

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