KIP at Big Al’s bowling alley

Hi all… it’s been a crazy weekend for me so far! But I finally had a chance to sit down and do some knitting in public!

A dear friend of mine got married today… and to do something a little different, her wedding reception is here at Big Al’s ( I heard that the new movie with Harrison Ford and Brandon Frazier was filmed here, can’t wait to see it on the big screen) this bowling alley is cream of the crop as far as bowling alleys go!

Here is my grandson with me helping me out with the KIP (he took the first picture)

Hope you had a fun day knitting!

Footnote: This picture and blog was from earlier this afternoon… but I have a new mini computer and a new camera… needless to say, when I went to upload the pictures in my blog, they were way too big… and I didn’t have the camera instructions!!! and the mini computer doesn’t have much in the way of programs… I’m not normally technically challenged… but today, I guess proved that I was!! (the reception was a blast – definitely not the traditional… I’ll have to keep that tucked away as something to remember for the future!) <