Photos of our Knit in Public Day

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Here’s Melissa and Alice

These are photos to go with Melissa’s post about our Knit in Public day today at the park in Vancouver.

For the record, Melissa was the local celebrity among the knitters. People couldn’t believe she knit the sweater she had on–see how gorgeous it is in the photo above. And they were excited to meet the person who designed the colors of Imagination yarn and designed the patterns for last year’s snowmen Lumpy, Slim and Rosy.

We had a lot of fun, the knitting guild gave away a bunch of prizes including some Knit Picks needles and yarn, and it was just cool to get to spend a couple hours, even on a cloudy day, hanging out outside with passionate knitters.

More photos:

Alice looking cute as always

Amy showing off the beginning of Rosy the snow woman

Hendrix with Christy (Christy’s next baby is due soon) with Melissa and Alice in the background

New Friends–Vancouver Guild Members

More new friends–Vancouver Guild Members

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