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Take Your Dog To Work Day Shenanigans

We LOVE our pets at Knit Picks! We couldn’t pass up the chance to celebrate Take Your Dog (and Cat) to Work Day on this toasty Monday in Vancouver, WA. We’re sharing some of the silliness and shenanigans which have ensued over this past year of working at home; yarn and pets can be a ...

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Podcast Episode 333: Patterns, Process, and Product (Oh My!)

Teasel Shrug Join us to talk about all sorts of crafty goodness. To start, Lee and Hannah sit down to discuss the idea of Process vs. Product knitting. While this spectrum of approaches is true for almost all crafting, they do a deep dive into their experiences wrestling with this concept from the perspective of their own ...

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Podcast Episode 332: Your Favorite Sock Yarns Explained

Felici Yarn Today, we’re dedicating an entire episode to the subject of sock knitting! Whether you’re a seasoned pro and socks are your very favorite thing, or a new knitter contemplating casting on for your very first pair, this episode is for you!  Lee and Hannah spend time talking about all of the sock yarns they’ve developed over the years. Colorful, hardwearing and ...

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