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Knit Picks Podcast Episode 347 – Learning & Teaching Yarn Crafts

Today on the Knit Picks Podcast we’re talking all about our knitting pasts and futures. From learning to knit to taking that knowledge and teaching someone to knit, the Knit Picks Podcast team offers up their experience. First up Lee and Stacey invite friends, co-workers and fellow crafters, Heather and Kate to come on the podcast for a discussion of their knitting and crochet origins. Each starts their craft somewhere but what everyone has in common is that someone else helped them get started. Next Lee and Stacey share tips and tricks for people who want to teach knitting to their friends and family. While Lee has experience teaching knitting classes, Stacey has experience helping people in one-on-one learning sessions. Stacey also ...

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Podcast Episode 334 – Welcome to the Knitting Help Desk

We’re winding down our year, finishing off our holiday projects, and taking a short break to gear up for 2021. In this special episode of the Knit Picks Podcast we’re taking some time to do our very favorite thing: answering your questions! Hannah, Stacey, Lee, and later Producer Sarah, come together remotely from our craftrooms, offices, bedrooms or living rooms scattered across Portland, OR to answer your knitting queries. From tips and tricks with colorwork to deciding what to make next, the Knit Picks Podcast team is here to help. We bring our wealth of knowledge and unique perspective to help guide you through whatever is upsetting your knitting. We had so much fun thinking of solutions or sharing our favorite ...

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Podcast Episode 333: Patterns, Process, and Product (Oh My!)

Teasel Shrug Join us to talk about all sorts of crafty goodness. To start, Lee and Hannah sit down to discuss the idea of Process vs. Product knitting. While this spectrum of approaches is true for almost all crafting, they do a deep dive into their experiences wrestling with this concept from the perspective of their own knitting queues. Stay tuned to find out whether you tend toward Process or Product or, as they’ve each discovered in themselves, somewhere in between.  Next, Stacey and Hillary pop in to share some of our most popular patterns. Did you know that for the past 9 years or so Knit Picks has worked hard to bring you roughly two new pattern collections every six weeks?! ...

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