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Enjoy the starry night with the Starry Stole – now in kits!

Nothing quite captures the human imagination like the brilliant night sky. There's something magical about those glittering lights against the inky veil of night. Bring that magic into your knitting with the Starry Stole! Beads transform this otherwise soft and simple stole into a field of twinkling stars. The simplicity of the pattern makes the Starry Stole a wonderful first beaded knitting project. The best part is that as a kit, the beads come included, so you can get going on the pattern right away or package the kit as a gift for a new-to-beads knitter.

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Beads, glorious beads!

Did you see? We now carry beads for you to add to your knitting! Beads add a wonderful element to knitted items. They add sparkle and drape to lace shawls, fancy highlights to handbags, and they stand out against plainer items to create something special. With this in mind, I wrote the Starry Stole pattern! This free pattern features a pattern of beads in a starry field on a background of simple stockinette stitch.

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