Knitting in the park

Happy Worldwide Knit in Public Day! This morning Angela, Christy, Marci, Amy, Nancee, and I all joined the Vancouver Monday Night Knitting Group and the Ft. Vancouver Knitters Guild knitting at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver, WA. Angela took this video of some of us:

Angela and I both cast on for premie hats, since that’s what our speed knitting contest knitters are knitting this weekend. Knitting with DPNs with a 4 month old in my lap was a bit tricky though, as you can see. I think I got about 6 rows done before she started grabbing at my needles.

To show off my knitting, I wore my Autumn Rose Pullover, knit with Palette, and Alice wore the February Baby Sweater I made her with a handspun yarn. That tells you how sad our weather is today if we’re wearing wool sweaters. It didn’t stop us for getting out in public and knitting though! How are you celebrating? <