Knit in Public Day Twitter Contest

Knit Picks is everywhere! That’s a bit tongue in cheek, but we are having a lot of fun talking about knitting on several social web sites. Have you friended us on FaceBook yet? A bunch of us are also on Twitter, posting tweets about our daily activities. Here’s a link to our Knit Picks on Twitter page.

So, just for fun on Saturday, which was Knit in Public Day, I ran a contest on Twitter. I posted the rules and then a clue picture. The first person to guess my location got a specially selected prize! Nicole S. was the winner, and since she’s from Wisconsin, she did a really good job of figuring out my location – Voodoo Donuts in Portland, OR (I had an apple fritter, by the way – fantastic!). Nicole likes to knit cabled things, things for charity and is a beginner sock knitter (on dpns), so she is getting Harmony Wood Cable needles, a Harmony Wood 6″ DPN set and 2 hanks of Imagination as her prize.

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