Knit Picks Podcast Episode 338 – Emani and Her Yarn Vending Machine

Here at Knit Picks we love all things yarn. We love pattern designs, tools, the craft and really seeing what everyone makes. As a yarn company we also love seeing what other yarn companies and people in the industry are doing.

Today we’re sharing an interview from the WeCrochet Podcast that aired last fall, where Heather Mann interviewed Emani Outterbridge, an entrepreneur who launched her own yarn line as well as the world’s first yarn vending machines. Emani has been crocheting since she was 12 years old and has navigated through different sides of the craft industry as a crochet designer and now a yarntrepreneur. Emani has even sold apparel to entertainers like Cardi B.

Emani’s yarn line, Needles, offers unique colors in 8 …

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February News: Cabled Accessories & Limited Edition Hawthorne

If the frigid weather and never-ending precipitation has you feeling a little blah, never fear. Here to brighten your day is our latest batch of news, complete with crisp cabled accessories, gorgeous free patterns, and colorful new sock yarns. So long, winter doldrums.

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Knit Picks Podcast Episode 337 – Knitting and Crochet with Briana K.

Every knitter has their own path to take and follow. On today’s episode of the Knit Picks Podcast, we’re sharing a special interview. Heather Mann from the WeCrochet Podcast interviews Briana Kepner of Briana K Designs. Briana is a knit and crochet designer and one of the founders of Crochet Foundry, a quarterly publication of modern crochet designs. Briana (and the Crochet Foundry team) was recently featured on the WeCrochet Podcast but she stuck around our virtual recording studio for an extra chat to talk all about her knit designing journey. From making knits for newborn babies to having published over 300 of her designs, Briana shares some of her favorite yarns she’s found along the way.

So grab your needles and yarn …

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New Colorways for Popular Knitting Patterns

Colorwork can seem like a daunting skill to master, but there is something about a blend of colors in one project that instantly makes me want to cast on! I have tackled my fears this year and am almost complete with my first colorwork sweater.

Shown from the back, a woman wears a knitted sweater with an intricate colorwork yoke in grays and whiteEldfell Pullover

When searching for the perfect pattern, I was inspired to create my own colorway instead of using the suggested colors from our kit builder on the knit pick website. After talking with some knitting friends, I realized going rogue and coming up with your own colorways is something not every knitter wants to do. I thought this post might be helpful to knitters who are …

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Explore our Learning Center

An illustration of a woman sitting on the floor knitting

Hello, Knit Picks friends! We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently given our Learning Center a much needed refresh, making it more user-friendly for both experienced and beginning knitters. In addition to increased functionality, we’ve added an abundance of easy-to-follow tutorials, helpful guides, and perhaps most importantly—fun freebies!

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Knit Picks Podcast Episode 336 – Yarn 101 Live

One of our favorite things to talk about in the Knit Picks Office is yarn. We all have our favorite yarns and favorite projects to cast on and can easily get derailed when there’s a new yarn to squish. There’s a lot to consider when selecting the yarn that’s right for you – like yarn weight, the material, the construction and what will it be used for. Shopping for yarn is fun but can also be daunting when overwhelmed with all the choices, like the yarn selection on 

Today we’re sharing some of a conversion between Hannah and Lee from a past Facebook Live where they talk about all the information to keep in mind when shopping for yarn, specifically what you …

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Pom-Pom Knitting Patterns

Did you hear the pom-pom news? In honor of our new ombre pom-poms (and pom-pom sets!), here are some great knitting patterns that incorporate pom-poms.

A pile of faux fur pom-poms in neutral colorsOur new ombre pom-poms!a pile of yarn pom-poms in red, purple, pinksOr make your own pom-poms with yarn!

What kind of pom-pom should I use?

We sell ready-made fur pom-poms (in singles and pom-pom sets), but you can also make your own pom-poms very easily using either a piece of cardboard or a pom-pom maker. (I swear by these now because they’re so easy to use, and there’s very little yarn waste when you trim the pom-poms.)

Watch: How to …

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Knit Picks Podcast Episode 335 – Meet Tian Connaughton

Tian Connaughton wearing the 32 Market Street Tee

We’re back. Winter is here and our Knit Picks Team is very busy working to bring you exciting new things in 2021. If you missed it in last episode, we said goodbye to our Knit Picks Host Hannah Maier as she embarks on new adventures. Behind the scenes we’re working on our new podcast voice and style so stay tuned. 

Last year Knit Picks and our sister brand WeCrochet ventured into the world of live streams. Today we’re sharing with you an interview that WeCrochet did in the fall of 2020 with knit and crochet designer Tian Connaughton. Tian is a joy and we are very excited to share some of this interview with you. Sara, …

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