Welcome to the Mother’s Day Chill Zone!

Mother’s day can mean different things depending on you and your family’s traditions. For some it means gathering with family and celebrating together; others – a quiet day in. But for every Mother on Mother’s day, there’s one thing that I think should always come with the territory: some well-deserved time in the chill zone.
Being a parent so often requires you to put aside your own needs to prioritize those of your family, but Mother’s day is about appreciating all …

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Podcast 276: Splendid Soles

Spring is well and truly underway for the Knit Picks crew, and with it comes a turning of the knitting year. In other words, it’s sock season again! One of our new collections is a celebration of this time, so join us for my review of Splendid Soles, our newest sock pattern book. After that resident sock fanatic Stacey is joined by Hannah to delve into (and argue about) just what is so appealing about sock knitting.

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New Collection – Splendid Soles!

The newest member of our alliterative sock collections is the lovely Splendid Soles!

Splendid Soles sock pattern collection from knitpicks.com

Joining Artful Arches and Toasty Toes, Splendid Soles is gorgeous collection featuring classic cable, delicate lace and fun textures. As the resident Knit Picks Sock Knitter, I’m in love with this collection and awed by the creativity of the amazing designers included. My needles are itching for so many of these patterns and I’m feeling a case of startitis coming on.

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May News: cozy cotton knits & crochet kits

“It’s gonna–be–May
Oh, yeah ♫”
– Justin Timberlake
Knit Picks May Launch
Ok. Those may not be the ACTUAL lyrics, but you catch my drift. It’s freakin’ MAY people!! We’re ready to sit in the sunshine, sip some iced tea, and make our summer project plans. Oh, and maybe sneak a road trip or two into the mix. What better project to take on the road than something small & compact, like a pair of …

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Free Downloadable May 2018 Calendar

Happy May! I love the month of May – the sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and birds are singing, which makes the world feel like the winter doldrums have gone away for another year. Even if you’re stuck in front of your computer, we wanted to bring a bright bit of happiness to your day with our new May calendar!

Free Downloadable May 2018 Calendar from Knit Picks

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Eco-friendly Simply Yarns

“It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.”
Amelia Barr
Knit Picks Simply Wool Yarns
Oh, life. Why can’t you consist of endless cups of coffee and an abundance of yummy yarn? Oh, wait. You CAN. Enter our Simply Yarns: simplicity at it’s finest! It doesn’t get much purer than our Simply Wool, Alpaca, & Organic Cotton yarns. The colors that you …

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