Free Downloadable September 2023 Calendar

Happy September! To celebrate, we have your free monthly calendar wallpapers. Enjoy these September 2023 wallpaper images (free download for you!) — featuring our September Yarn of the Month Swish! (starts September 6th)

How to get the Wallpaper:

To get the free downloadable calendar background of your choice (smart phones, tablets, or desktop computers), simply click on the image of your choice to go to the full-size photo and then save it!

Free September 2023 Wallpaper for Desktop:

Free September 2023 Wallpaper for Tablet:

Free Blank Wallpaper for Zoom:

Free September 2023 Wallpaper for Mobile:

Free Blank Wallpaper for Mobile/Stories:


  1. NancyDrew / September 10, 2023

    Is the calendar available with blocks for each day of the month where I can write in events, appts, etc?

    • Andi Satterlund / September 27, 2023

      We’ll have 2024 print calendars available for purchase starting in November!

  2. B. Kempf / September 5, 2023

    Could you please post this as a .jpg or explain how to convert it from a .webp to a .jpg? Thanks!

    • Regan N / September 5, 2023

      Hello! Are you trying to save directly from the post? If so, please try clicking on the image or opening the image in a new tab; and then saving the image from there! Though let me know if that doesn’t work either.

  3. Elayne Mordoff / September 4, 2023

    You can ignore my comment. I figured it out! Thanks.

  4. Elayne Mordoff / September 4, 2023

    For the first time, I haven’t been able to set any of these as the wallpaper on my Chromebook. I need a file that ends in .jpg — not .web. Can you help?

  5. Danielle / September 2, 2023

    Very nice! Thank you! I hope you will have one every month 🙂

  6. SuAnn Miiller / September 2, 2023

    Yes, thank you for the beautiful downloadable calendars!!!! They are stunning!

  7. elaine schiller / September 2, 2023

    Thank you so much, Knitpicks!

  8. AmyB / September 2, 2023

    Thank you so much for making these! I’ve really started to look forward to them! I’m also saving the blank ones and at some point will use them as a scrolling background. Thank you again!

  9. Glory P / September 2, 2023

    I am so happy to download these every month! Each time I pick up my phone,
    the new pic makes me smile! Thank you so much!

  10. Colleen Cox / September 2, 2023

    Thank you love this

  11. Dee / September 2, 2023

    How easy was that! Thank you Knit Picks!

  12. Iryna O. / September 2, 2023

    Thank You so mach.

  13. Katharine Vincent / September 1, 2023

    Thank-you very much!

  14. Rainy / September 1, 2023

    Love the monthly calendars.

  15. Linda Mickelberry / September 1, 2023

    This is just so beautiful!! Thank you!

  16. Edelweiss / September 1, 2023

    Very nice! Thank you. Would love a Monday start 🙂

  17. Janet Orene Nygaard / September 1, 2023

    Thank you so much.

  18. Kelly M. / September 1, 2023

    I look forward to these every month – thanks so much for taking the time to create them and for making them available to us!