Get to Know Designer Takako Takiguchi

Our latest pattern collection Nature Walk: Lace Patterns is full of gorgeous patterns from talented designers, but we’re always particularly excited when we get to work with a skillful, experienced designer for the first time! In this collection, we had the opportunity to work with Takako Takiguchi who designed the Sumire Poncho, and since it is our first time introducing her work to Knit Picks fans through our collections, we thought we’d help you get to know her with an interview! Takako has been designing for a decade with over 100 published patterns to her name. She’s best known for designing patterns with clean lines, geometric motifs, and interesting shapes.

Could you tell our blog readers a bit about your background?
I am a Japanese woman and I live in California. My husband’s job brought me and my
daughter to the US. During my daughter’s infancy, I was looking for a hobby and discovered
my passion for knitting.

You’ve been designing for a decade. What inspired you to start designing knitting

When I started knitting, I was living in China and sometimes I had asked the private tailor to
make some garments. The tailor was very professional and I admired his beautiful works. It
was the time I wanted to make my own designs with my knitting skills.

You’ve got an amazing selection of accessories and garments that you’ve
independently published. Do you have a favorite pattern you’ve written?

Thank you. With over 130 patterns, it’s challenging to pick just one. But I hold “Cosy Cable
” close to my heart. I feel like designing a traditional cable sweater every winter season
and I love it the most.

What’s your design process like? Do you usually start with yarn and use that to find a
design concept, or do you come up with the design concept and then find the yarn to
make it? Or something else?

Both cases apply to my design process. Usually when I order new yarns I have some ideas
in my mind, then make the samples based on those. However, there are times when I’ll
conceive a new design idea that diverges from my original plans. Additionally, I find joy in
crafting designs using leftover yarns. It becomes a delightful mental exercise to design with
limited resources.

What was your first thought when you saw the Nature Walk call for submission?
The requirement was lace patterns, so I wanted to add lace patterns with a simple design.
So I designed a simple poncho but with two different lace patterns.

The Sumire Poncho creates a very natural feel with geometric stitch patterns. How did
you choose the combination of lace patterns you used?

Thank you for the compliment. I wanted a blend of complexity and simplicity, so I opted for
the Diamond Lace and the Diagonal Lace patterns. To make the pattern simple, I increased
evenly for the upper body and worked until the stitches that meet the lace pattern repeats.

How do you like to style knits like the Sumire Poncho?
A poncho is a very useful garment. It goes with either pants or skirt. Gloss DK is suitable for all
seasons. I love wearing it with skinny denim.

You can find more of Takako’s work on Instagram @takakoob, on Ravelry as takakoob, or on her Facebook page, Designs by Takako. The Sumire Poncho is available individually or as part of Nature Walk: Lace Patterns.