Options Needle Binders Explained

What’s the best way to store interchangeable needles along with all your knitting notions? Our Options Needle Binders are our favorite way to stay organized! Each binder comes with the following insert pages, with additional pages available individually. Here’s what each page is used for.

Interchangeable Needle Tip Page

This double-sided insert holds two complete sets of Knit Picks Options Interchangeable needles in the standard sizes. The needle slots are sized to correspond with the US 4-11 sized tips, much like the vinyl package they come in. We think they’re prettiest with the needle tips pointing up, but if you find eyeballing the size challenging, simply store your set with the tips pointing down, so the size markings etched on the tapered joins are visible. This page holds the needles sideways, but Options Needle Binder‘s zipper along with this page’s snug slots will keep them in place, no matter how you store the binder.

Double Pointed Needle Page

Organize your 6” or shorter DPNs here! 12 sets of smaller gauge DPNs fit with one set per slot, perfect for sock knitters! If you’re not a DPN fan, this page can also be used to organize more Interchangeable Needle Tips or crochet hooks, including WeCrochet Bright Hooks with ergonomic handles. Note that this page is almost 8″ tall itself, so although longer DPNs will fit, they can interfere with zipping your Options Needle Binder shut.

Single Pocket Zippered Fabric Pouch

This big fabric pocket is our favorite spot to store rulers, measuring tapes, snips with point protectors, and other tools that are easy to find by touch. The placement of the zipper on the top and the flexibility of the fabric makes this a great choice for awkwardly shaped items. There’s even a clear vinyl mini pocket on the outside for a label to be inserted.

Double Pocket Zippered Fabric Pouch

For this set of two pockets with one shared zipper, you once again can add your own labels in the mini vinyl pockets on the outside to help you keep track of what’s inside. These mid-sized pockets are a useful place to store fixed circulars or cables and notions to go with an IC needle set

Single Pocket Vinyl Pouch

To take advantage of being able to see through this pouch, try storing the fiddly little bits that might be hard to find in the fabric pouches! It’s the perfect place to put stitch markers, so you can grab the right color, size, and style for your project’s needs. It’s also a great place to keep yarn needles, the key to your IC needle tips, extra cable connectors, or IC end caps. Because the vinyl has less flexibility than the fabric, our team tends to use this page type with flatter tools and notions.

Double Pocket Vinyl Pouch

A vinyl version of the double pocket page can be used for many of the same things as its fabric counterpart, like IC cables or fixed circulars. It can also be used to store all the little bits we recommended for the single pocket vinyl pouch. Being able to see through the pockets means no extra labels are required!