Podcast 285: Bold, Beautiful & Bulky Yarns

Flaunt Pattern Collection | Knit Picks

Not just for beginners, bulky yarns hold a treasured place in our stashes. They’re the first hanks we reach for as the seasons shift to cool nights and cozy mornings. Quick chunky cowls are the perfect fall accessory for yourself or the ideal last minute gift. The holidays are right around the corner and it’s never too early to get started!

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12 Weeks of Gifting – Blocks and Ribs Throw

Knit Picks Blocks & Ribs Throw
It’s that time of year when makers go into overdrive: holiday gifting season! As the world of technological gadgets and gizmos seems to be growing at an astronomical rate, the desire (and the necessity) to hit the pause button and settle into an afternoon of crafting is all the more enticing. What better way to express …

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Free Downloadable October 2018 Calendar

Happy October! I would say without a doubt that October is a favorite month among the staff at Knit Picks. The weather has a nice crispness to it before the dreary winter rain of the Pacific Northwest starts up again. Not to mention Halloween! But mainly it’s because it’s time to start on cooler weather projects like sweaters and scarfs. To inspire you all month long, we have some lovely colors of our beloved Palette and fall foliage on our monthly calendar.

Free Downloadable October 2018 Calendar from Knit Picks

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We Heart Fall!

“Fact: Fall is the best time of the year.”
Dwight Schrute
knit Picks Fall Palette inspiration
Okay. That is not an actual quote as Dwight Schrute is not an actual person, but I’m pretty confident that if he was real, he would totally make that statement. Needless to say, I would agree with him 1000%. Perhaps the thing that I love most about fall …

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