Podcast 306: Form, Function, and Faux-Fur

We recently calculated how many pattern collections we’ve published and were SHOCKED to discover that we’ve done over 130 books since we started this program. Each collection has come together after months of planning, designing, and knitting. Every time we get a new sample in the office or do a new call for submissions, we get excited about all the possibilities!

To celebrate our new Gansey collection: Form …

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September News: Colorwork, Ganseys, Faux-Fur, and more!

Even though fall is just around the corner, we’re more than a little excited to debut an abundance of new colors of some of our favorite cotton yarns for all of you cool cotton lovers. We’re also ecstatic to introduce our first-ever faux-fur yarn, Fable Fur! It’s an ultra-plush premium acrylic yarn that is destined to add an extra-touch of softness to your cold-weather knits. The cozy possibilities are practically endless!

Given that the temps are about to start dropping …

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Podcast 305: Perfect Pairs

Knit Picks Simply Socks pattern collection.

It’s time to celebrate our favorite season-less knit, SOCKS! The perfect portable project, we always have a pair on our needles between larger projects. There’s really nothing better than a pair of hand knit socks for gifting OR wearing.

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Choosing The Right Cotton Yarn For Your Projects
Colorful cotton yarns from Knit Picks

This time of year, cotton and cotton blends are often the go-to yarn of choice for many knitters – knitting or crocheting a lap full of wool in warm weather is not pleasant! However, swapping out a cotton yarn for wool isn’t as simple as it sounds. Cotton yarns have unique characteristics and properties that make it perfect for some, but not all, projects. I’ve put together some info and a list of of what kind of projects we recommend for our plant-based rockstars.

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Podcast 304: Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters!

This episode is all about the mysteries and intricacies of sweater knitting! First, we’ve launched a brand new, wonderfully tweedy sweater pattern collection, Everyday Rustic. Stacey and Lee share their favorite patterns as well as a little behind the scenes peek into making this collection.

To go along with our sweater theme, Stacey and Hannah pop into the studio to answer some of YOUR questions …

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