Choosing The Right Cotton Yarn For Your Projects
Colorful cotton yarns from Knit Picks

This time of year, cotton and cotton blends are often the go-to yarn of choice for many knitters – knitting or crocheting a lap full of wool in warm weather is not pleasant! However, swapping out a cotton yarn for wool isn’t as simple as it sounds. Cotton yarns have unique characteristics and properties that make it perfect for some, but not all, projects. I’ve put together some info and a list of of what kind of projects we recommend for our plant-based rockstars.

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Podcast 304: Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters!

This episode is all about the mysteries and intricacies of sweater knitting! First, we’ve launched a brand new, wonderfully tweedy sweater pattern collection, Everyday Rustic. Stacey and Lee share their favorite patterns as well as a little behind the scenes peek into making this collection.

To go along with our sweater theme, Stacey and Hannah pop into the studio to answer some of YOUR questions …

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About Our Wool

Wool—one of nature’s most versatile fibers. Naturally sourced from mammals such as sheep or goats, wool is a protein fiber known for its uncanny ability to withstand a great deal of use. Among its laundry list of beneficial attributes, wool boasts antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, while remaining breathable, insulating, cooling, and also water resistant. It’s no wonder we love wool fibers for both garment …

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Podcast Episode 303: Latest & Greatest

Knit Picks Dogwood Sweater, included in the Best of Knit Picks: Cardigans and Pullovers collection

After eight years of making our very own pattern collections, we’ve finally created a Best of Knit Picks pattern collection! Our very favorite garment patterns from our archive are now together in one amazing (and enormous) book. Colorwork, cables, tweed and a few luxury yarns shine in these newly standardized …

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July News: New Yarn Colors, Speckles Sock Lab, and more!

We know this post is called “July News,” but it’s almost August, which means it’s basically September … and gosh, that means it’s pretty much time for the holidays, isn’t it?! (So many handcrafted gifts to plan. So. Many. Gifts.)

But before we get TOO far ahead of ourselves, let’s back it up to the end of July: we have so much great news for you!

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Summer Staff Projects

With mid-summer temps soaring, it’s been the perfect time to stay inside (read: air conditioning) and tackle those project queues. Everyone in the office is so jazzed about new Twill yarn that it’s no surprise we have collectively made at LEAST 10 projects with it thus far this summer. Hats, sweaters, cowls, with many more projects in the works for fall. Here is a roundup of our latest, greatest FOs, with a heavy dose of Twill knits in the mix. Enjoy!

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Ode to Dishcloths

I like making dishcloths. They are such a fun and quick way to learn a new skill, and they are incredibly low pressure. You messed up? It’s just a dishcloth! You made it perfectly? What a fantastic dishcloth! It’s a win-win, and I am a big fan. I might have mentioned that around the office, and then been asked to write a poem about it. So I did. Without further ado …

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