Join the Sedona Sunset Wrap KAL!

We had so much fun knitting wraps for last summer’s Ice Fire Wrap KAL that we knew we wanted to knit another wrap this summer, and our popular, free Sedona Sunset Wrap pattern by Jenny Williams was the obvious choice to go along with all of our new colors of Chroma Worsted! Just like with last summer’s KAL, we’re taking this slow and steady and knitting our wraps over two months. 

Just the Details

What: Knit the Sedona Sunset Wrap along with us

When: June 1st – July 31st 2024

With: 792 yds of Chroma Worsted, Chroma Twist Worsted, or your favorite worsted weight yarn

Skills to Know: CO, BO, knit, purl, YO, M1 SSK, K2Tog, slipping stitches, and passing over

Why: …

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Free Downloadable May 2024 Calendar

Happy May! We have your free monthly calendar wallpapers. Enjoy these May 2024 wallpaper images (free download for you!) — featuring a variety of yellows, greens, pinks and blues with Twill Fingering in Rose Water Heather, Palette in Clarity, Peapod, and Safflower, Dishie in Mint and Conch, High Desert Worsted in Blue Sky and Chanterelle, Provincial Tweed in Rose Quartz, Queen Bee and Seaweed Salad, Luminance in Joy, Reflection and Innocence, Galileo in Cordelia, Meteor and Orion, Stroll Tweed in Dogwood Heather, Dill Heather and North Pole Heather, Comfy Fingering in Sea Foam, Honey and Peapod, and CotLin in Flamingo and Clarity.

How to get the Wallpaper:

To get the free downloadable calendar background of your choice (smart phones, tablets, or desktop computers), simply click on the image of your choice to go to the full-size photo. For desktop, right click the image and “Save As”; for smart phones and tablets, tap …

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Essential Sock Knitting Tools and Beyond

You’ve got your sock pattern, yarn, and needles that provide the correct gauge, but what else do you need to knit a pair of socks? These are our essential tools for knitting socks that you’ll want to have on hand when getting started. The essentials are surprisingly basic, and odds are good you’ve already got options on hand! But once you fall in love with sock knitting, there are even more tools that you’ll want to collect. We consider them nice to have, because you can complete a pair of socks without them, but they truly level-up the knitting sock experience!


A RulerMany sock patterns give measurements to achieve instead of exact row counts, so a ruler is an important tool to have! A measuring …

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Episode 382: A Chat with Julie Ann Lebouthillier

Our sock obsession continues, and we naturally had to have sock expert Julie Ann Lebouthillier of Twin Stitches Designs join hosts Lee and Stacey to talk about her own new sock book, Knit a Box of Socks! Julie is a talented sock knitter with an amazing YouTube channel, and we love every chance we get to work with her. Tune in to this episode to find out more about her background as a designer!

Plus, Lee and Stacey chat about their current projects, new colors of Aloft, and the new Knit Picks subscription newsletter, Knit Peeks, hosted on Substack.

Mentioned in this Episode

Disco Fibers 

H+H event 

Lee’s improvised cabled cardigan (Ravelry link) 

Lee’s in-progress socks (Ravelry link) 

Worsted Socks pattern 

Wool of the Andes yarns 

Aloft yarn 

Hawthorne yarns 

Lee’s Aloft+Hawthorne …

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Episode 381: All of Your Sock Questions

We’re declaring April sock month! Our new sock collection came out recently, and all we want to chat about is socks. We asked for your sock questions on Instagram, and hosts Lee and Stacey along with Producer Andi and some answers from Jen work to tell you everything you need to know.

Plus, Lee and Stacey share the concepts behind Stepping Out and how the book came together.

Mentioned in this Episode

Lee’s two new sewn pants

Lee’s March movie challenge

Lee’s Hawthorne DK sweater project (Ravelry link)

Stepping Out sock collection

Stepping Out 1991 Liza Minnelli film

Knit Picks on Instagram

Dream All Day DK weight sock pattern

All of Stacey’s patterns

Winter Weekend Socks pattern

Nifty Gifty Stocking pattern

Knits for Everybody Slippers …

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Free Downloadable April 2024 Calendar

Happy April! We have your free monthly calendar wallpapers. Enjoy these April 2024 wallpaper images (free download for you!) — featuring a variety of yellows and pinks with Fluff of the Andes in Buttercup and Blush, Palette in Custard and Blossom Heather, Lindy Chain in Blush, Twill Fingering in Rose Water Heather, Galileo in Solaris, Dishie in Bumblebee and Dreamhouse Multi, Swish DK in Honey and Frosting, Stroll in Dandelion, and Wool of the Andes Worsted in Blush, Caution, Blossom Heather, and Creme Brulee.

How to get the Wallpaper:

To get the free downloadable calendar background of your choice (smart phones, tablets, or desktop computers), simply click on the image of your choice to go to the full-size photo. For desktop, right click the image and “Save As”; for smart phones and tablets, tap and hold to “Save Image”.

If you try to save the calendar without opening the full image you will …

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Guide to Knit Picks Sock Yarns

We’re all about sock knitting in the spring, and the first step in casting on a pair of socks is choosing your yarn. Knit Picks has a huge selection of fingering weight sock yarns, with plenty of variations beyond just the dye options! Some of our socks are spun extra tight to create super-dense yarns with fewer yards per gram to wear like iron, and some are decadently soft but delicate with the addition of luxury fibers. Some come exclusively in their natural bare color for you to dye at home, and some come in up to six different dye methods. To help you get to know all of our unique sock yarns, we broke down the …

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Episode 380: Get to Know Designer Joy Friedman

Spring is almost here, and we invited designer Joy Friedman on the podcast to talk about her design work and pattern in our new collection of cotton tops, Afternoon Tees! Lee and Stacey ask Joy about her background, and they discuss a handful of our favorite patterns she designed for us.

Plus, as always, Lee and Stacey share what they’ve been working on in their free time and dive a little bit into the story of how Afternoon Tees was created.

Mentioned in this Episode

Hummingbird Cardi crochet pattern

Lee’s crochet project (Ravelry link)

Tuff Granny Throw pattern

Sockhead Hat pattern

Lee’s improvised cabled cardigan project (Ravelry link)

Lee’s March Around the World movie list

Afternoon Tees eBook

Shine Sport yarn …

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Aloft Pairings

Aloft, our beloved Kid Mohair and Silk yarn, creates a beautiful, sheer fabric when knit solo, but Aloft is also known for playing well with others! Pairing up Aloft with another denser yarn creates an opaque fabric with a Mohair halo and the strength of silk. It looks so good with so many other yarns, that it can be challenging to choose one, so we’ve put together six swatches with Aloft and other styles of yarn to show just how versatile it can be!

Don’t recognize all of the colors? New shades of Aloft are coming on March 27th, 2024!

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Episode 379: A Sweater-care Discussion

Spring is coming soon, which is the perfect time of year to think about getting your sweaters ready for the end of sweater weather. To dive into sweater care and maintenance, Lee and Stacey are joined by producer Andi and coworks Jen and Regan to discuss how we care for garments. 

Plus, Lee and Stacey chat about their current knitting projects and the movies they watched while working on them.

Mentioned in this Episode

Hawthorne DK yarn

Deep Winter Hat pattern

Lee’s movie theater sweater project (Ravelry link)

Lee’s Letterboxd

Lee’s movie theater tee project (Ravelry project)

Samia yarn

Lee’s improvised orange cabled cardigan project (Ravelry link)

Waterville Cardigan pattern

Homestead Cables collection

Swish Bulky yarn

Lee’s Soup Swap with recipe

Stacey’s oldest sweater …

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