Podcast 298: Earth Day, Every Day

Knit Picks Podcast 298: Earth Day, Every Day

After such a long, wet winter here in the Pacific Northwest, everyone at Knit Picks has been looking forward to the noticeably greener (and hopefully dryer) spring season. The trees have started to leaf out, the daffodils have bloomed their little hearts out and our knitting queue has taken a turn toward lightweight cotton garments and cheerful …

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Color Crush: Crochet Shawl Collection

When Spring rolls around, I love wrapping up in my lightweight, cozy knits while out running errands or meeting friends for brunch. Our newest shawl collection is just my style! Bright, graphic patterns with a modern touch, these crochet patterns are just as much fun to make as they are to wear!

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Podcast 297 – Cotton and Clean

Knit Picks Snuggle Puff

As the clustering cold and heavy skies of winter pass, refreshing vernal rains come to bring new life to the landscape. . .and your knitting! Knit Picks is celebrating the renewing season with new cottons, new colors, and new perspectives.
To start, Knit Picks official cotton aficionados Hillary and Erica discuss fresh and favorite cotton yarns, including new Snuggle Puff, made just like …

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Introducing Snuggle Puff Yarn!

a bowl on a wood table filled with balls of Knit Picks Snuggle Puff Yarn.

Snuggle up with downy drifts of cotton! Snuggle Puff is an amazingly lightweight heavy worsted or Aran weight cotton yarn made possible by blowing cotton fiber into a nylon mesh. Without the rigid structure of spinning and plying, the resulting yarn is amazingly lofty, showcasing Pima Cotton’s beautiful drape and …

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