Podcast Episode 328: Our Knitting Mistakes

Recently, during a meeting at the office the Knit Picks team realized that each and every one of us at, one moment or another has had an “AH HAH!” moment when we realized we were doing something wrong! A defining moment in every knitter’s craft, there comes a time when you embrace a craft quirk that’s special to you, or learn another way of …

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September News: What a Wonderfluff World

Fall is in the air…cozy pullovers, gift knitting, and endless cups of warm spiced cider are on the horizon. If you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to summer and need a little nudge, our latest batch of fiber creations and exclusive patterns are just the ticket to get you in the fall mood.

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Nifty Knitting with The Sims!

During this really stressful year, I’ve rediscovered my love of The Sims, a game I played a lot several years back but hadn’t been keeping up with. I downloaded it on a rainy day in April and fell in love with it all over again—if I can’t go out, at least my little Sims can. In a funny bit of timing, a brand new game pack was released in July that was right up my alley— Read more »

Podcast Episode 327: Modular Knits and Easy-Care Yarns

We’re back from our short hiatus in August with some fresh crafting conversations for you! With the warm weather winding down and holiday season quickly approaching, we’re shifting gears at Knit Picks. This week, we’re covering modular projects like blankets and afghans and the easy care yarns that are our go-to choices for long lasting machine washable projects. 

Perfect for cool weather, modular blankets are …

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