Sedona Sunset KAL Progress

We’re almost a quarter into our Sedona Sunset KAL, and everyone’s projects are coming along nicely! Some knitters are taking a steadier pace, and some a speeding along.

Janis is giving her project plenty of attention and is close to halfway done.

Kate’s wrap is also working up quickly!

Lee’s planning to use multiple Chroma Worsted colorways, and she just transitioned to her third color. She’s also making her piece extra wide because she’s adapting it into a boxy top!

Carlene just joined her second ball of yarn.

Ranielle is almost done with her first ball of yarn, which is right on track for our steady pace.

Michael’s cool blues are looking good on matching needles!

Stacey is always multitasking with tons of WIPs on her needles, including secret ones for work, so her wrap is still in its early stages.

How is your own project coming along?


  1. Margreet / June 16, 2024 / Reply

    I had to restart mine too for a better gauge! It just means more knitting time 🙌

    • Monique / June 20, 2024 / Reply

      Very true!

  2. Monique / June 13, 2024 / Reply

    Everyone’s wraps look great! I had to restart mine so I’m at about the same place as Stacey right now – so it made me feel better to see hers! Lol