BIG News: It’s time for the big sale!

We’ve been all aflutter these past few weeks (and months), planning and creating some really exciting stuff for you folks to enjoy this fall. New A-DOR-A-BLE project & tote bags, complete with kitty piles, fluffy cloud/happy rainbow combos, and a plucky cactus for good measure. Not to mention our new sensible & stylish organizational accessories (I’m looking at you embossed needle …

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12 Weeks of Gifting: Brindle & Blend Shawl

Knit Picks Brindle & Blend
It’s week 6 in our 12 Weeks of Gifting series and this week we’re swooning over the subtly shifting colors of the Brindle & Blend Shawl. Knit from end to end on the bias in tried-and-true Hawthorne Multi yarns, the pattern includes two different bind off options. This shawl incorporates subtle blending of brindled stripes along …

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Ultimate Comfy Yarn Sale!

Knit Picks Comfy Yarns
For the entire month of November, you’ll save 20%-40% on Comfy Yarns, making it our ultimate Comfy yarn sale!  Because its supple softness can’t be beat, Comfy Yarns make the BEST gifts like blankets and easy wearing garments, especially for little ones or those with sensitive skin.  The breathability and softness of Pima cotton allows for easy wearing …

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Podcast 287 – Checking Your List: Holiday and Gift Knitting

Twice as Nice Pattern Collection || Knit Picks

The collision of the knitting and gifting seasons is a blessing or a curse, an oppression or an opportunity, all depending on your preparation. Listen along as we share our favorite tips and tricks for gifting knits to everyone on your list! Need some inspiration? Our brand new Twice as Nice holiday pattern collection is out and we compare our favorite, versatile patterns.

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Sock Labs: Halloween Edition

“Everyday is Halloween, isn’t it?”

Tim Burton
Knit Pivkd Sock Labs Hawthorne Speckles
Warning! We went a little “mad scientist” in the sock lab this month. We blame all the chocolate covered treats and pumpkin flavored everything we are surrounded by on a daily basis. The results of our experimentation? A veritable monster mash-up of bold hues and stark black speckles that scream “It’s …

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