Ideal Knit-A-Long (KAL) for first-timers!

I launched my Mitten Tutorial KAL last week and, after reading the posts, I realized that it is a perfect forum for any knitter who has been hesitant to join a KAL before. Number OneThe lesson and project is small and simple. It’s all about learning as opposed to finishing a project. You can participate without knitting at all! Just follow the lessons, maybe write down a few notes and then chat with all of the members.
Number TwoI am thrilled to see that a couple of our most engaging members, like Cheryl and KnitterGirl39 have joined the group. Lots of encouragement and knowledge to share.
Number ThreeWe just started last week and the accompanying video was a simple review of mitten basics. You can join right now and not feel like you have to do a whole bunch of catching up.
No matter how busy you …

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Gift Certificate Winner!

We have randomly picked a winner of the $50 Knit Picks Gift Certificate!

*Drum roll*

The winner is Penny Semberski from Little Rock, AR.

Congratulations Penny! Check your email inbox for your gift certificate today!

And for everyone else, we sent out a coupon to receive 10% off of your Knit Picks order for entering the contest and
sending an e-card to a friend about our new tutorials

We hope that you enjoy your new knitting or crocheting supplies and maybe the tutorials can teach you something


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The garden is always in bloom if you knit it…

If you want flowers that won’t wilt, leaves that won’t turn brown, and bugs that won’t eat your veggie plants, then the Backyard Garden Kit is just the thing!

There are 15 patterns for small accessories in this kit, and plenty of Palette to knit all of them and then some. You could easily knit a whole bouquet of Calla Lilies, or make a swarm of Monarch Butterflies. They’re small enough that you could easily make even the most complicated pieces in an afternoon or two, so they’re great for last-minute gifts, decorations, or stash-busting.

The kit does use a few interesting techniques. There is stranded knitting:

Short Rows:

Little bits of Intarsia (or duplicate stitch):

And lots of neat shaping:

With all those techniques, this can be a fun learning experience if you’re not well versed. …

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Designer Interviews

If you are considering knitting any of the kits from the latest catalog, we have recorded designer interviews with Nina and Kerin. They show off the projects, and tell you about any special techniques used in the patterns.

Tilt A Whirl Kit

Soleado Bag

New Traditions Baby Blanket

Madison Laptop Case

Fiji Desk Getaway Kit

Backyard Garden Kit
We’d love to hear if you are knitting any of the new kits!


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Busy Bee

Knitters who attended our yarn tasting a few weeks ago heard me talk about my ill-fated idea for a hat–It was going to be really cute, shaped like a beehive with little needle felted bees adorning it. And it was ill-fated because when I pitched the idea to Alison, thinking that it would make a great KP design, she very politely informed me that the pattern already exists–only in one of the most popular knitting books of the last decade. Knitting designer FAIL!
There are 2 kinds of pattern ideas that I get–some of them are patterns that I think will be fun to write, but probably wouldn’t choose to knit for myself (I have 10 years of stash at my current knitting rate so I need to be a little choosy to avoid getting buried in yarn!) and some are ones that I really, really want to make for myself. …

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Heirloom Baby Blankets–now Machine Washable!


The New Traditions Baby Blanket!
I come from a very crafty family–Every new baby could be sure to be welcomed into the world with a hand-pieced quilt, a knitted wardrobe, a handmade dollhouse with tiny hooked rugs, needlepoint crib bumpers, the works. Some of the quilters and knitters were so prolific that they did not limit them selves to babies in the family either–coworkers, in laws, friends of friends would all receive a little quilt or sweater set when a new person was on the way.

I remember the quilts the best; I’m one of the youngest members of my generation in this family, but I remember the birth of a cousin on my mom’s side when I was 6 years old. No-one on my mom’s side is very crafty, but I remember my Dad’s sister making a beautiful quilt, all in lilacs, pinks, and …

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There are some rules that even the owner of Knit Picks can’t break. In preparation for yarn launches, we always receive boxes in advance for knitting up photo samples for the catalog. These yarns are absolutely sacrosanct since everything has been allocated to sample knitters or the photography department.
Yeah, right! Imagine walking into a room filled with all sort of new yarns and/or new colors and not being able to immediately be able to sweep up an armful and head for the nearest comfortable chair – that is my torture. I like to believe that everyone else has a crutch to lean on because their jobs depend on the “proper” dispensation of the limited yarn supplies. But, I’m supposed to be knitting! That’s my job!
When I was finally able to get my hands on the lace yarns, I have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed. Where …

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Progress! Well, some at least.

I’ve just crossed the halfway point for the sleeves on hubby’s sweater!

It’s very weird going from knitting one large body to two small sleeves, and having to repeat the same round twice. So, I’ve had to tink a lot and haven’t made as speedy progress as I’d like! They’re just about long enough to reach his elbows…

and my knee!

These felt so nice as legwarmers when I put them on that I’m pretty sure that’s how any leftovers will end up! I’ve been telling hubby I want to make him some gaiters for his legs so they don’t freeze out there… but I don’t know, I might just need to keep them for myself 🙂

That aside, I’m hoping to get the sleeves done tonight while he’s over at his brother’s for game night. The race is on!

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There is only one blog that scares me!

I use Bloglines to organize and follow blogs that I find interesting.
No one’s life is simple which means blogs don’t always fall into neat categories. But, I think I do a pretty good job. Of course, there are the
‘Knitting Blogs“
Some of my favorites include…
Passing Down Crazy

Wendy Knits

Green Woman Comes Knocking

or Mary Scott Huff

I have another Bloglines Folder titled “Photographically Interesting“. These are blogs that are inspirational to me in terms of improving my blog photography.
Definitely Pioneer Woman

Brooklyn Tweed

Raised In Cotton

or Reclaiming the Home

Oh, and the “Food” blogs!

or Smitten Kitchen

Going to Bloglines is like opening up a huge mailbox! Lots of delightful letters and packages.
None of the blog samples I have shared with you scare me. They inspire me! I want …

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April Catalog Preview

A lot of excitement around here as we debut our new spring yarn colors! I’ve put together the latest catalog preview for your viewing
pleasure, lots of colorful photos to peruse and fun, spring-y projects to make.
As you may be able to tell, we always have a lot of fun going on location for our photography. And this time we were lucky enough to visit the Kennedy School here in Portland. Everyone was so nice and accommodating, I’d really like to go back for another shoot soon. I also had a pretty good time with our “tropics” theme, I stole Kelley’s office plants and (hopefully) made our set look like a splendid vacation destination. So between the new yarn, and two travel-themed stories I think you’ll find plenty of juicy juicy eye candy in our April catalog. I hope you enjoy it!

April Catalog Preview

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