There’s a new girl in town!

You may have noticed that Mr. Foster finally met that special someone…

Carmen Banana!

He was just gushing about her when he came back from his last trip. He was just minding his own business, taking some time off, when she strolled around the corner and into his life. He wouldn’t tell me if it was her classy dress or his lack of eyelids, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of her!

Now that he’s back in the office, he just won’t stop talking about her. Carmen this! Carmen that! He’s so excited that she’s finally off of her whirlwind tour (she’s a jazz singer, didn’t you know?) and ready to come home to him. So, won’t you do him a favor? Bring Carmen home! He really really really wants to go dancing with her again. Really. Woooooon’t stop talking.

And to make it extra special, make them something fun to wear for the costume ball they’re attending this Halloween! It’s no trick – It’s not too late to enter our Mr. Foster Halloween costume contest. Just e-mail a photo of Mr. F in costume to before 8/31 and you could win a Carmen Bananas kit! What a treat 🙂 <