New Knit Alongs

The fall online catalog is about to be released, and we have created three new knit alongs (abbreviated as KALs) to support our new kits and yarns. The Learn to Knit KAL is for new knitters, people working on our Learn to Knit a Sweater kit or Learn to Knit a Hat and Scarf kit, or knitters attempting new techniques. We have posted video tutorials, a glossary of knitting terms, and there is a discussion board to ask about patterns or techniques. Also, there are experienced knitters who moderate that group and will help to answer your questions.

I know it’s early to start thinking about the holidays, but we’ve also created a Holiday Gift KAL. This will be a great place to figure out potential gift ideas and share your finished projects (as long as the recipient isn’t also in this KAL)! Also, if you start holiday knitting now, you will be able to finish everything in time!

And to celebrate our expanded color range for fall yarns, there is also a Colorwork KAL. Knitters can encourage one another as they work on the same project together, you can check out the new color combinations that Melissa has created for the Andean Chullo hat, Sipalu bag, or Autumn Rose pullover, and ask questions about colorwork techniques, yarns, and tools. I just need to figure out how to knit faster, because I have several projects planned with our new colors of Palette and I don’t know how I expect to finish so many fingering weight sweaters!

In the meantime, I have started my own Learn to Knit sweater. I know how to knit a sweater, and I have knit many sweaters before, so I’m changing Nina’s pattern a little to make myself learn and master new skills also. Also, I have changed the colors of Wool of the Andes, since I’ve already used the kit colors before for other projects for myself. Wool of the Andes is one of my favorite Knit Picks yarns, and I use it a lot! I’m using Calypso Heather (which is a brand new Wool of the Andes color) and Amethyst Heather for my version.

Here is a photo of my progress!

The online catalog and new fall kits will be launched on the Knit Picks website very soon! <