Fraternal Twins

For some reason, I’m rebelling against my summer knitting.

Last weekend, I didn’t want to work on my socks, or my lace, or my cotton tshirt projects. They all require concentration that I didn’t have, and trying to work on them just felt tedious and frustrating. So I cast on for a Daybreak shawl, with one of our rejected Stroll samples and a color-changing sock yarn I went out and bought instead of going to the Sock Summit (I know, bad designer!) I love the graphic elements of this pattern, and with the simple stripes and slipped stitches on a background of plain stockinette, it is turning out to be the perfect antidote to the knitterly temper tantrum I was having!

So I brought my progress into work today, and learned that Kate is not only knitting the same pattern (in ultra-gorgeous sock yarn that she got AT the sock summit) but that we cast on on the same day! What can I say, great minds think alike. I’m thrilled that we’re both making this project, and that we chose such different colors for it. This way, I get almost the same satisfaction as knitting it twice!

Do you ever get into a knitting funk? What do you like to knit to get yourself out of it? <