10 Stitch Twist Blanket – Finished!

This project felt like it took forever, and I’m so glad it’s finally done. I also love the finished result, so it was worth all that effort. Here’s my 10 Stitch Twist blanket in all its 72″ diameter glory.
I ended up using 36 balls of Palette, double stranding 2 colors together throughout. I switched out one color at a time (every 3/4 of a round or so) so that the color transitions are pretty …

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Knittin’ Mittens – Lesson Three

This lesson has just a tiny bit of stress because you will need to decide what sort of thumb shaping you want to use on your mittens. Don’t worry! I walk you throught the pros and cons of each and then show you how to set up your choice of thumb opening.
You will be knitting the body of your mitten (with your chosen thumb design) up to the little valley where your thumb and hand meet. In …

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Entrelac is not scary!

So in a kit planning meeting long, long ago, it was decided that we’d do an entrelac kit. It’s an interesting technique that can yield very pretty results. When it was decided that I would be writing this pattern, I thought, well, darn – I have no idea how to do that!
Turns out, it’s really easy. And Yvette is the result.

Considering I had to learn Entrelac before writing the pattern, I was concerned …

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Coffee Dyeing

I’ve used Jacquard acid dyes for a number of yarn and roving
projects, but for this month’s dyealong I wanted to try something new.

I haven’t done much natural dyeing,
and I wanted to try using everyday household items that didn’t need
special equipment or complicated recipes.  I thought I’d try using
coffee to dye my blanks – we always have it in the cupboard, and I was
playing around with the idea of using two different ombre dye patterns
in a woven scarf.

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Further Variations on Overdying, and a Reader-Submitted Dye Question!

In my last post on overdyeing, I mentioned that blyue dye over a green yarn could be lucky, and all day those words haunted me. At home, I have 6 skeins of Gloss Lace
in Malachite, a recently discontinued color that is a little cooler
(bluer) than the current green, Peapod, offered in that line:

this is a yarn that I bought last year with a specific purpose in mind,
which no longer inspires me! I wanted to knit a preppy pink-and green
striped sweater, but then realized that I am SO not preppy and the
colors I chose were just too subdued for me. So this yarn sat in my
stash for a year. Until last weekend:

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New Imagination colors are now available!

Have you seen the five new additions to the Imagination family?

I designed the colors so long ago that I almost
forgot what they were! It was like I was seeing them new for the first
time when I saw they were now available. I am really happy that they are
here now because I think they really help round out the entire yarn
line. I wanted to create more opportunities for combining Imagination
colors, so I created three new tone-on-tone colorways: Ruby Slippers,
Arabian Nights, and Enchanted Forest…Ruby Slippers because it felt
like there wasn’t enough red represented in the line before, and it
could go well with Pirate King, Munchkin, or Gingerbread House…Arabian
Nights because I know we have a lot of purple lovers out there (myself
included)…Enchanted Forest because, well, I just love dark green, and I
wanted a green a bit cooler than Frog Prince.

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Red Cabbage in three colors


I’ve never dyed yarn before. I love to experiment, but I
don’t really like following instructions. This makes for an interesting combo
when it comes to hand dyeing. I cook a lot and like to mix different recipes
for the same dish into a funny hybrid that by nature I can never
remember how I
made. Must be a good method for dyeing yarn, right? Definitely! Well,
perhaps .
. .

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Dyed and Dried!

Well, my acid-dyed experiments are dry and vinegar-smell-free (much
to the relief of my hubby)! I wanted to wait till they were good and dry
before sharing the results, because after the steam bath, some of them
looked a little questionable! But, I am pleased to say that they’re
lookin’ pretty good now!

The first one I tried to dye to match my favorite mug.

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I was actually going for more of a gradated-sunset-kind-of-look with my second sock blank,
but since my cherry blank completely exhausted all the dye in the red
Kool-Aid (to my surprise!), I only had lemonade and orange left. I
decided to wing it and try mixing 1 pack of orange with some red food
dye and a splash of vinegar and see what I’d get.


First I dumped the whole blank in the pot of boiling lemonade until it exhausted the dye.

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