Episode 382: A Chat with Julie Ann Lebouthillier

Our sock obsession continues, and we naturally had to have sock expert Julie Ann Lebouthillier of Twin Stitches Designs join hosts Lee and Stacey to talk about her own new sock book, Knit a Box of Socks! Julie is a talented sock knitter with an amazing YouTube channel, and we love every chance we get to work with her. Tune in to this episode to find out more about her background as a designer!

Plus, Lee and Stacey chat about their current projects, new colors of Aloft, and the new Knit Picks subscription newsletter, Knit Peeks, hosted on Substack.

Mentioned in this Episode

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H+H event 

Lee’s improvised cabled cardigan (Ravelry link) 

Lee’s in-progress socks (Ravelry link) 

Worsted Socks pattern 

Wool of the Andes yarns 

Aloft yarn 

Hawthorne yarns 

Lee’s Aloft+Hawthorne sweater 

Lee’s Aloft+Provincial Tweed Hat (Ravelry link) 

Provincial Tweed yarn 

Knit Peeks! 

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Stepping Out print book 

Dream All Day Socks pattern 

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Lee’s Hawthorne DK sweater (Ravelry link) 

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Autumn Tweed Pullover pattern 

Mini Autumn Tweed Pullover (Ravelry link) 

City Tweed DK yarn 

Marled Family Mittens pattern 

Knit a Box of Socks book 

Pineapple Crush pattern from book (Ravelry link) 

Birthday Sprinkles pattern from book (Ravelry link) 

Feeling Sheepish pattern from book (Ravelry link) 

Warm Woolly Hugs pattern from book (Ravelry link) 

Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky yarn 

Julie Ann’s Youtube channel 

Twin Stitches Community on Mighty Networks 

Marie Green’s Annual 4-Day Knitalong 

JulieAnnKnitter on Ravelry 

JulieAnnKnitter on Instagram 

Julie Ann’s Newsletter Sign Up 

Time Stamps

00:02 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast!

00:20 Stacey and Lee share what they’ve been up to.

08:44 New Aloft colors recently arrived!

11:20 We’ve got a brand new Substack called Knit Picks, with bonus episodes of the podcast!

13:46 Sock Month continues, and the print version of Stepping Out has arrived.

16:25 Julie Ann Lebouthillier joins Lee and Stacey to discuss her own new sock book!

17:05 Julie shares how she began designing patterns and her background.

26:50 The discussion switches to Julie’s book, Knit a Box of Socks

33:08 Julie talks about how she developed her online community through YouTube and beyond.

38:45 To round things up, Julie shares some upcoming projects and where to find her online.

40:32 Credits.


  1. Marie / April 25, 2024 / Reply

    Stacey, I would suggest you hold some Aloft up to your neck or inner arm and see if it pricks before using it. Some of us can wear the scratchiest of sheep wool with no difficulty but are quite sensitive to mohair. Now I recently bought Suri alpaca from Knit Picks and it was wonderful! So very very soft and light as a cloud.

  2. Agnes / April 20, 2024 / Reply

    Hi Lee, Stacey and the crew,
    You were saying that you never get comments on the podcast, so thought I’d help out.

    Stacey, you were talking about projects in Aloft. I’ve knitted Lady of the Woods in Aloft Labyrinth as my first mohair project. It’s wonderfully soft, light as air and very warm and not at all itchy! Not at all what I thought mohair would be.

    Love listening to your podcast and am curious about your new subscription. I haven’t perused the site yet but is there a link to it?

    Thank you from Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦

    • Andi Satterlund / April 22, 2024 / Reply

      I’m making sure Stacey sees this comment!

      Here’s the link to our new subscription newsletter: https://knitpeeks.substack.com/

    • Stacey / April 22, 2024 / Reply

      oh nice! I will certainly check that out. One day I will use Aloft, I swear.