Our Ice Fire Wraps

Today is the final day of the Ice Fire Wrap KAL, and we’ve loved seeing your projects under the #IceFireKAL hashtag on Instagram! Most of the Knit Picks team finished their wraps by today, although the eagle-eyed among you may spot a few wraps still on the needles in these photos.

We all started with the same pattern, but through color choice, pattern modifications, and yarn substitutions, we each ended up with unique pieces. One of the most fun aspects of doing knit-alongs is getting to see how versatile patterns can be when they’re in the hands of different creative people. Here’s a bit more about each project.

Regan substituted many colors of Wool of the Andes for his Ice Fire Wrap in place of two colors of Chroma Worsted, so he had full control over the color sequences and stripes. He ripped back a few times as he figured out how he wanted to transition through all of his colors, but as the fasted knitter in the office, that was no problem for finishing on time!

A little breeze came through as Stacey was getting photos of her wrap taken, and it really brought her breezy-looking color scheme to life! Stacey used two colors of Chroma Worsted like the pattern suggested, but her color choices creating a totally new look that feels fresh and summery.

Alena’s Wonderfluff version of the Ice Fire Wrap, turned out wonderfully big and fluffy! She knit hers in two pieces, with each half knit from the ribbing up, and then she grafted them together at the center. This gave her a perfectly mirrored piece with her Wonderfluff Ombre transitions, and the extra efforts paid off!

Like Alena, Andi also substituted yarn with a different weight, but where Alena went heavier, Andi went lighter to create a scarf. She used Capra DK, and simply substituting a lighter weight yarn did all the work to make a narrower piece that can be comfortably worn as a scarf.

As our busy Brand Director, Alexis didn’t quite finish her Ice Fire Wrap, but she made an impressive amount of progress for how much she was doing on top of it. She used Chroma Twist Worsted, which created exciting and unexpected color transitions.

Lee was working from home the day we took these photos, but Mannequin-Lee was happy to step in and model her Ice Fire Wrap turned sweater! Lee knit two rectangular pieces following the wrap pattern, and then she seamed them to form the body of a drop-shoulder pullover sweater. She picked up stitches for her sleeves and is knitting those in the round. The team thought the short sleeves were cute, but she plans on making them full length.

Carlene knew she wouldn’t wear a big dramatic wrap, so she knit her Ice Fire Wrap shorter and wears it wrapped around her shoulders like a shawl or tucked into itself as a scarf! Although both of her yarns are  Chroma Worsted, Carlene chose to use one solid color, so the color transitions of the second color really stand out.

Like Carlene, Jen chose to pair her colorful Chroma Worsted with a solid color, but her solid color is her favorite yarn: Swish Worsted. Her color scheme reminds us all of ocean waves, which is fitting because she took her wrap on a trip to the coast to try to finish it for the end of the KAL.


  1. Elayne Mordoff / August 1, 2023


  2. Barbara / August 1, 2023

    I LOVE ALL the wraps! So creative and individual-really helps me see so many possibilities I would never have thought of! Amazing and Beautiful!

  3. Jenipurr / July 31, 2023

    Those all turned out gorgeous!