Cold hands, warm yarn

So, the hubster and I love to go fishing. Well, he
loves fishing, I love having an excuse to sit on my kiester and knit all
day! A couple of weekends ago, we decided to pack a lunch and head an
hour away to a lake he used to fish with his dad. Well, in typical
Northwest style, it was in the forties in the morning, though it was
going to be in the upper 60’s in the afternoon. So we dressed in layers.
I had on my favorite hand-knitted alpaca sweater with a wool sweater
over it, some new fingerless mitts I’d made, and an alpaca hat I made on
a previous excursion. As for hubs – well, it turns out he’s good at
losing gloves, and had to borrow a pair of mine.

Now, this could be ok, as they were pretty unisex-looking
gloves. Except his hands are twice the size of mine. It was downright
comical, like his hands were the unwitting passengers in a knitted clown
car. I took pity on him and grabbed a ball of unlabeled alpaca I’d
found in the free box here at work, and we took off for the lake.

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Sneak Peak – Felici!

Early samples of Felici hit the office, and now I just want to make
some awesome legwarmers to go with my favorite boots.

We also have a
new sport weight Felici coming out:

We were getting the photo samples ready this week and the colorways
look fantastic knit up. It doesn’t hurt that the yarn is buttery soft
and ready for, um, those perfect legwarmers that I want.

is still on its ocean voyage, but the yarn is due in the warehouse at
the beginning of May.

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On the Move

Dan and I recently bought a house (our first!), and the last few
weeks have been full of packing, lifting, more packing, more lifting,
and painting. The sweaters I knit for Dan also made the journey – I saw
this box that he had packed and labeled yesterday, so I snapped a quick
photo to share.

Good on so many levels!

Learned Lesson 1: Don’t pack a box
full of nothing but books – you won’t be able to lift it
Lesson 2: Include a warning if your box contains precious cargo (such as
Learned Lesson 3: Don’t forget underpants! 🙂

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A lesson from the Knitting Gods

It seems that the Knitting Gods feel I need a lesson in the benefits
of embracing the act of ripping out my knitting.

First, there was the Stonington
Shawl “lesson”.

Remember that the Stonington Shawl had been my “mindless” portable
project. I was in desperate need of a simple project to knit while we
were out to dinner with friends. I had planned on starting over with my new
square shawl plans

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