Movies to rip by

I was chatting with a friend yesterday and she had discovered a mistake in the ribbing of her current project.

I loved her solution to this knitting disaster. As she said, “You can’t really go back and fix ribbing easily. So, I slipped my Julie/Julia DVD into the machine and laughed my way through 10 inches of ribbing ripping!”

That got me thinking. When I had to rip out my Shiver Scarf, I chose to wait until we were out to dinner with friends so it wouldn’t hurt so much. Then I starting wondering which movies I would watch while ripping. I know the actual ripping doesn’t take long but I am including getting started again so that you have your project back on track.

As much as I admired my friend’s choice to laugh as she ripped, I have to admit that sometimes I could do with a good cry. It may have nothing to do with the actual ripping but maybe I just need to vent life’s frustrations in a more cathartic manner. Yep, sit down and have a good cry! What do you think? Here is my short list of “laugh” and “cry” ripping movies. What are your “ripping” movie suggestions?

Let’s start with the crying ones.

Moonlight and Valentino
To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday

Here are the laughing movies.

Julie and Julia
The Devil Wears Prada
Legally Blond
Sweet Home Alabama
Somthing’s Gotta Give <