Gifts revealed…

Now that the holidays are over and my sisters’ birthday has passed (they’re twins), I can finally blog about what I’ve been knitting since last summer!

When I cast on, I had no clue that my mom’s socks would take longer to knit than my dad’s Harry Potter scarf. That was my first project on size 0 needles (and probably my last!). Mom saw the yoga socks in a magazine and wanted a pair to wear with her flip flops now that she’s moved from sunny Florida to North Carolina. Like a good daughter I obliged.

Yoga Socks in Make Believe Stroll Handpainted Sock Yarn

Dad is a huge Harry Potter fan, so he got a Wool of the Andes Gryffindor scarf.

The kitties all got felted toys this year. Alison taught me how to make little felted balls using roving and pantyhose.

My cat, The Bus, helped make presents for his cousins.

After I felted them I stored them in a tupperware container with some cat nip for a couple of months to make this completely irresistible to my feline family members. Elliott especially loved tossing his up into the air with his paw and chasing it. They wore themselves out playing and took a nap with my sister while she watched football.

While they were napping and watching football, I cast on two pairs of fingerless mittens which I foolishly thought I’d be able to finish before January 16th in time for their birthday. One pair got done.

Cabled Mitts in CotLin

The other sister got a single mitten. It’s twin will be done soon, though.

Stripey Mitt(s) in Main Line
And then I’ll be ready to cast on presents for the holidays next year, right? <