New Tutorials Page

Hi Everyone!

We have been working on improving our tutorials, reorganizing them in a logical way, making them easy to search and navigate, and adding more content. Now if you click on the tutorial tab in the Knitting Community, you will be redirected to the new tutorial site. Here is a link.

We now have over 100 tutorials, and I have tried to curate them so you can find exactly what you need in categories.

Just starting out? Check out the Beginner category, which will show you all of the techniques that you need to get started, without overwhelming you with more specialized or advanced techniques that you don’t need quite yet. Or if you are working on a specific project, like your first sweater or hat, click on the Projects category and you will find all tutorials you need that are related to that specific project. Working on a Knit Picks kit? Our Kit category show you interviews and tutorials related to that specific pattern, to help answer your questions. Or if a pattern uses a technique that is new to you, by clicking on the Technique category you can find a tutorial that can help you to learn that new skill.

Or if you are looking for something specific, try using our search engine on the left hand side of the screen. We also have an alphabetized index of tutorials and a glossary of knitting terms. Looking for more general knitting education? Click on the Popular category to see which tutorials other people are watching. Or if you are a visual learner, click on the Video category to find all video tutorials in one place.

I hope that this new tutorial website is helpful to all of you! <