Toys Toys Toys!

I don’t think anyone who’s seen me posting on here will be shocked that I started the Toy KAL (have you joined yet? Join & show Angela & me some new toy patterns to squee over). I love making toys – funny I guess because I pretty much only make them for myself, usually to guard my desk. I’ve blogged about my office buddies before.

Now there’s a new one to add to that group

I haven’t thought of a name for him yet – any suggestions? In any case, I used the new Wiener Dog pattern by Cheezombie from our new Independent Designer Program. In fact, I have the original sample here too:

The Original Wiener Dog is only visiting for a bit longer, then he goes home to cheezombie. I’ll miss him but at least I got my new guy to watch over things.

Also, I’m not the only one who loves toys here (as if you couldn’t tell from our fun new kits) Best part? When the samples come in, we get to play with them! Check out Nina & Kerin having fun with the Land & Sea Play Set Kit:

Have a great weekend everyone! I’ve got more toys to make! <