Erica Jackofsky’s colorway for her Shiver Scarf….

….and my color selection.

I know you are familiar with my choice of Kenai (Merino Style) as the scarf color. Particularly since I had to knit it twice due to my not paying attention to Erica’s very clear instructions in her Independent Designer pattern. But, I’ve been holding back on my selection of colors for the patch pockets.

Erica’s instructions call for you to knit the colorwork patches first and then the scarf. But, given the hustle/bustle of the holidays, I chose to enjoy the easy knitting of the scarf body. Well, even easier the second time! 🙂

My colorwork choices are Masala, Asparagus and Bare DK. I was thrilled to see that heavy rain is forecast for this weekend. I am going to have a very lazy weekend in celebration of the holidays being behind me. Whew! A fire in the fireplace, hot chocolate, hot water bottle – you get the idea.

Once I have finished the patches and have sewn them onto the scarf, I am going to line the pockets with a bit of fabric. The moment I saw Erica’s scarf in the office, I decided it would make a lovely drop spindling scarf. The fabric lining will keep the hook of my spindle from snagging. My spindle and fiber in the left pocket and some extra fiber (or other stuff) in the right pocket. Won’t that be wonderful?!! <