There may be something to this New Years thing after all!

Maybe the holiday season is hectic so that we appreciate the quiet that follows. Time to ponder plans for the New Year, as I have been doing. Lots and lots of rain combined with a fire in the fireplace makes for a productive weekend. Sorry, Linda, but it was raining so hard on Friday that I didn’t want to go out to find a Hot Chocolate Pot. But, it will be a priority for next week!

Let’s play the “Remember This?” game!

From Ann Budd’s absolutely fantastic book!

Well I am ready to felt it!!! I’m using my copy of Emma as a “before and after” size reference.

The trick is to just barely felt it leaving some flexibility. I’m working on the 3 1/2 yards of i-cord for the bridle while I wait for Bob to wake-up. Then I can run the washing machine without bothering him. <