New Simply Cotton Heathers + Cheezombie $1.99 patterns= maximum cute

If you want to snatch up a skein or two of our brand new Simply Cotton Heathers, but you’re not sure what you’d knit with them, may I suggest a cute and cuddly Cheezombie toy…or three?

Like Stacey, Cheezombie’s quirky IDP toy patterns make my heart go pitter pat, but the idea of dyeing my own organic Simply Cotton or using another yarn did not. So when samples of the new Simply Cotton Heathers showed up in Alison’s office a couple of weeks ago, I knew exactly what I wanted to knit first. Stacey and I were first in line to scoop up a skein or two of the worsted weight and take it for a test run.

Stacey knit another Weiner Dog in Mandarin Heather to add to her growing menagerie. She named him Santa’s Little Helper (any other Simpson’s fans out there?).

Alison …

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Interview with Diana Troldahl

Diana has been with us since the beginning of IDP & has a whopping 9 patterns in the program (including 3 new ones this week!) & more on the way! She been such a fantastic supporter of the program & it’s been great to get to know her over the past couple of months.
How long have you been knitting?
I learned to knit when I was a pre-teen, but I kept forgetting how to bind off. I learned again when I lived in Japan to make a ‘boyfriend sweater’ and if his arms had only been a few feet longer it would have fit just fine! Several years ago when my sister-in-law (Lynn H of Colorjoy Designs) asked me to test knit a pattern from a beginner’s perspective, I learned I had been knitting Eastern-style with twisted stitches. I re-learned to knit continental, and was hooked. …

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What does one wear under a kilt?


(what did you think I was gonna say? This is a family show!)
I have to admit I love kilt hose. I even wrote a paper in college about the phantom bagpiper on my campus, who I’d see walking around piping with his stockings gleaming in the midday sun. There’s just something so regal about a pair of elegant hose. As handknit or even fine kilt hose is quite expensive to order these days, now you can make your own! What’s really cool about both of the patterns in this kit, besides the fact that you can make both pair, is that they’re totally unisex and customizable for size. And, because they’re just awesome anyway, you don’t even have to wear a kilt or be a piper to wear them. But you will want to show them off!
When Nina and I were …

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Sneak Peak – New Spring Yarn

It’s that time of year again! We have some great new cotton and lace yarn coming in for Spring 2010. Diedre handles all of our yarn orders, and she places a separate order for an early air shipment of samples so we don’t have to wait until the container of yarn arrives by boat. This system lets us keep the shipping costs for the bulk of the yarn low, but we get to use the samples ahead of time for catalog samples, kit development, and other projects.
Here’s a quick video I took of the newest shipment to arrive – Simply Cotton Heathers! The dyes used for Simply Cotton Heathers aren’t organic, since we were trying to get some really specific bright colors, but the base yarn is the same organic cotton used in the undyed line of Simply Cotton.
Also, I love grey. I am unapologetic. 🙂

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Are you ready to cast-on and start knitting some mittens? Join my KAL as we begin our mitten lessons today!

I am thrilled with how excited and enthusiastic everyone is at my Knittin’ Mittens KAL!
I just launched two videos for casting-on and knitting the cuff ribbing. Please join us or even just follow along over the next few weeks. You will learn something whether you actually have some yarn and needles in your hands or not.

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Knit Buddy Giveaway – Shiver Scarf!

I’ve finished mine and it is absolutely perfect!

The perfect length!

Perfect holder for my spindling supplies.
I should put in a fabric liner in the pockets to keep the hook from my Golding spindle catching on the stitches. Or, I could use my Jenkin’s Turkish Delight spindle and not have to worry about a hook at all. It all depends on just how much I hate sewing!

Perfect instructions!
When Erica Jackofsy’s photo sample arrived in the office, I knew I just had to make one for myself. In my favorite colors!

Perfect yarn!
To enter this Knit Buddy Giveaway, just leave a comment and I will draw a winner on Friday, February 19th. The winner will receive 6 balls of Merino Style in the main color, 1 ball each of the three contrast colors and one copy of Erica’s …

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Olympic Fever

So who’s taking part in the Knitting Olympics/Ravelrympics? I actually kept putting off my project – I did a sweater during the Summer Olympics a year & half ago and thought I might do another – but I want to finish the sweater I currently have on the needles. I hemmed & hawed and told people here I probably wouldn’t take part…then Friday I suddenly choose a project at the last minute.

Temple Cats!
I have been in love with this pattern even before Suzanne submitted it to IDP. I haven’t done a lot of stranded color work so I decided the time was right for this pattern. I had some old Merino Style in my stash that would work well so I was all set!
I cast on during the Opening Ceremonies – which I loved, especially the tattooed tap dancing fiddle players. Though I am super annoyed …

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10 Stitch Twist Blanket – Finished!

This project felt like it took forever, and I’m so glad it’s finally done. I also love the finished result, so it was worth all that effort. Here’s my 10 Stitch Twist blanket in all its 72″ diameter glory.
I ended up using 36 balls of Palette, double stranding 2 colors together throughout. I switched out one color at a time (every 3/4 of a round or so) so that the color transitions are pretty gradual. Frankie Brown’s 10 Stitch Twist pattern is clever and simple – it’s excellent tv/movie knitting and keeps you warm at the same time!

Melissa – our color guru – helped me pick out the colors to match my sofa, and the blanket looks wonderful draped over the arm of the sofa – ready to curl up with a good book when I am. And the ample size means no cold …

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Knittin’ Mittens – Lesson Three

This lesson has just a tiny bit of stress because you will need to decide what sort of thumb shaping you want to use on your mittens. Don’t worry! I walk you throught the pros and cons of each and then show you how to set up your choice of thumb opening.
You will be knitting the body of your mitten (with your chosen thumb design) up to the little valley where your thumb and hand meet. In the next lesson, I will show you how to set aside your thumb and continue on up your hand.
Pop on over to the Knittin’ Mittens Knit-A-Long (KAL) and do some mitten knitting!
You can join this KAL at any time! We’re having a grand time learning to knit nice, warm, comforting mittens.


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