Lace Yarn Sale

It’s almost the end of the summer, and we need to clear out a little room in our warehouse for the heavier winter yarns, so we’re having a one-week-only lace yarn sale! Lots and lots of colors are on sale in all of our lace yarn lines – Shimmer, Alpaca Cloud, Shadow, Shadow Kettle Dyed and Gloss Lace.

Do you knit lace in the fall and winter? I do – year round! I love knitting lace because it is very interesting – you can choose a pattern that is relatively easy or very intricate. And, lace knitting takes up hardly any room. I have a vacation including a plane flight coming up, and I’m already planning which lace project to take because I know the lace will keep me occupied during the long flight, but it’s compact enough that I can knit away without annoying my seat neighbors on the plane. It also packs up into the tiniest space – perfect since I will try to fly with only carry-on luggage.

If you’ve never knit with lace yarn before, and the skinniness of the yarn worries you, you might want to try double stranding lace yarn for a slightly thicker and cushier project (not to mention faster to knit). I particularly love double stranding Shimmer because that ensures the hand dyed colors won’t pool but still displays the wonderful variations in color in the the alpaca silk blend.

Happy knitting! <