It should come as no surprise that I am dedicating one blog post to the getting ready to dye and knit my two sock blanks. It’s all about The Process, baby!

Let’s start with the inspiration!


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Sock modeling is a tough job…

In addition to some new marketing projects, I’ve also added sock model to my resume since I started working at Knit Picks.

thought sock modeling sounded like a pretty cushy job. I mean, all you
have to do is sit around and wear some socks and let someone take a
picture of your feet, right? Little did I know…

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Can’t pull the wool over your eyes!! Alright, I am so excited about this project that I have become slap-happy.

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We’re hosting a dye-along, and you’re invited!

For the month of May, Knit Picks staffers are taking the plunge and experimenting with a variety of dyeing techniques.

Kelley and Kerin are both experienced dyers, they’re going to show you some techniques for using Jacquard Acid Dyes.
Nina (another dyeing pro!), Marci, Amy, and I are dyeing sock blanks
with food coloring and Kool-Aid. Kate and Christina are trying out our Indigo Dye Kit, and Alison and Sarah, one of our photographers, are experimenting with natural dyes like beets!

you’ve ever thought about dyeing yarn, but you’ve been hesitating, now
is a great time to give it a try. We sell a variety of ready-to-dye Bare yarn in different weights and fiber blends and we sell dye. We’ve also added 6 new dyeing tutorials covering everything from dyeing yarn in a crockpot to tea dyeing to help you get started, and we’re hosting a Dye-Along in the Knitting Community where you can ask questions and get advice.

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Domo Arigato!!!

I love my job so much! Introducing, my favorite kit, ever:

Seriously, how could I not be totally thrilled when my boss lady says, “Knitted robots are a great idea, you should get right on that”?
I’ve never been so happy with something I designed as I am with these little guys. There’s usually many elements of surprise in the design process, where something looks just a bit different from how I pictured it, but once …

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Preview of Stroll Tonal

You’ve probably heard the podcast of the spring yarn preview, so I thought I would give a little more background into the Stroll and Shadow Tonals. When Tina asked me to design the colorways of these yarns, I thought it was a great idea. Because the Tonals are hand painted, we have exact control over just how variegated the yarn is–something that we could never quite achieve with the old kettle dyed yarn. My goal was to …

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Knit Buddy Giveaway – Hobby Horse

This delightful project is one of many I want to make from Knitted Gifts.

Besides being such a cute little Hobby Horse, it is a lesson on the structure of hand-knit socks. A perfect project for someone who has been thinking of knitting socks. Just look at the un-felted version of the over-sized sock.

After just a bit of felting and some finishing, the sock magically transforms into a …

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