New Fall Issue of Knitty

If you haven’t checked out the new fall issue of Knitty, here is the link. It’s OK, I’ll wait until you’re done.

Now that you’ve looked at everything, let’s talk about the patterns!

These are the Zozo toys which were knit out of Swish Superwash.

There have been so many good sweater patterns released this fall. I’ve queued up several things from Knit Scene, but I was waiting for the fall Knitty to arrive before I figured out what I was going to knit next. And I’m glad that I waited, because I really love the patterns that Amy Singer selected.

My absolute favorite sweater is Girl Friday, designed by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark. I enjoy knitting lace, but most lace patterns don’t fit my style, they’re just too fancy for me! This folding diamond lace pattern is bold, geometric, and full of texture. Also, I love cardigans and shawl collars. I need to finish up my Vivian sweater, because I’m knitting Girl Friday next! I am considering using Gloss HW in Admiral for this. Gloss is my new favorite worsted weight yarn, and it has really good stitch definition. Admiral is so pretty in person! It’s a deep indigo blue with purple undertones, I love jewel tones and unique colors.

I also really like the Colonnade shawl by Stephen West. Lately, every shawl pattern that I add to my Ravelry queue seems to be designed by Stephen West! Nina and I are both knitting his Daybreak Shawl, and I also like his Herbivore pattern. I’m deciding whether I’d knit Colonnade out of Saffron or Tree Frog Cadena, but I’ll probably knit this shawl a few times because it seems like a good holiday gift pattern.

I know I said earlier that I wasn’t really a lace knitter, but I really like Andrea Rangel’s Hex Shawl pattern. I’m working on an English Paper Pieced quilt with all hexagons right now, so I guess that I’m on a hexagon kick. I don’t usually knit patterns in the same colors as the original, but I love the vibrant orange yarn that Andrea used. Shadow Kettle Dyed in Clementine is the same juicy orange shade.

The 1 Across hat by Denise Sutherland is the perfect thing to knit for my crossword obsessed Nonna. She can finish the New York Times crossword puzzle on Saturday! I already promised her the Nonna’s Garden Shawl, because she thinks that it was named after her (except Kerin is the designer, so it’s named after her Nonna). Maybe I’ll make 1 Across first, because Nonna’s Garden Shawl is going to be a long term project for me! I’d use Swish DK in Coal and White for this pattern.

I think that Bel by Mandy Moore is a smart cardigan design. I love the multidirectional construction of this sweater, and I love sweaters that work well with layering. I could see myself wearing this sweater a lot (actually, the shape is very similar to the sweater that I’m wearing right now), so Swish DK might be the perfect yarn, since it is machine washable. I’m drawn to the Delft Heather colorway, but that’s because blues and purples are my favorite colors! Pampas Heather would be an interesting neutral that would look good layered over a lot of other colors and I also like Grain Heather, I’ve been wearing a lot of yellow lately!

Which patterns were your favorites from the fall Knitty? Are there other patterns from new fall magazines that you are looking forward to casting on soon? Hopefully we get a little more summer weather before fall starts, but my knitting really picks up when the temperatures cool down! <