Knit Picks Warehouse Adventures

I just spent a week at the Knit Picks warehouse in Ohio. Heaven. Really nice folks, and a huge building bursting with yarn (and fabric and paint!). What a fun job I have! I got to see the staff making the Carmen Bananas Kits, and the holiday ornaments kits. I had packed light, since the warehouse is definitely dress casual, so I had room to buy a Carmen Bananas kit, and some of the hand-painted stroll yarns. And I got some duller green yarn to make my DH some socks (he has some trousers that color). I had to restrain myself, though! I’m a terrible string addict. I really wanted the Holiday Ornaments kit – I think those knitted strings of colored lights are about the cleverest things I’ve ever seen. But I’ve committed to making snowmen this year, so I just couldn’t justify getting the ornaments kit. Sigh. Don’t they say “It’s not what you did do that you regret, it’s what you didn’t do”?