I have a giant pickle

Have you seen the free pattern for the pickle ornament? Well, I love the entire kit of ornaments and while I don’t actually like pickles….I had to make this one.

Meet Fredrick, the Giant Pickle

I happened to have a small amount of Swish on hand so I decided to just make a giant pickle. I went up to size 4 needles & whipped him up in an evening. I decided to give him some eyes…and he has some accessories that he’ll show off at a later date. 🙂

I’ll probably make a smaller one to hide in my family’s Christmas tree…but Fredrick is going to keep watch over my desk.

Now I really need to get back on to working on the Calluna Cardigan…I put it off because it got so hot here, but now that it’s cooled off, I’m excited to get this finished for the fall! <