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Free Stripy I-Cord Dishcloth

“It’s much easier than I thought it would be.”
“Most things in knitting are, really.”

― Gil McNeil, The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club

Happy Friday! An I-Cord bindoff is something I absolutely love to do on cardigans bands – I think it gives them a nice professional look and hangs so nicely without curling. And a 2 color one looks fabulous on a colorful sweater! But if that technique looks a little scary and difficult, we have the perfect project to try it out on – the cute Stripy I-Cord Dishcloth.

Free Stripy I-Cord Dishcloth from

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Earth Day Inspiration

“Dear old world…You are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.”
-Lucy Maud Montgomery

It seems a little trite to “celebrate” Earth one day out of the year. While I’d like to think of it more as an everyday conscientious kinda thing,  we might as well join in the festivities, albeit a day late, and take a little time …

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Global Fiber Tour #2: Denmark!

Raise your hand if your travel itineraries start with stops that involve yarn, fabric, thread, or anything tangentially related to crafting? Oh man, me too! Last summer my husband and I traveled to both the island of Bornholm and Copenhagen for ten days. Before I penciled in any castles, gardens or museums, I had a map of every craft-adjacent institution in both places first. …

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Podcast 275: Knit Picks on the Road, Stitches United

Show assistants Rozalyn K, Felecia O’Connell, and Angela Modzelewski
The most recent Knit Picks travel adventure brought us to wool-hungry Hartford, Connecticut for Stitches United. Like the proverbial fish-smelling guest, Winter lingered over the New England city as the Knit Picks team flogged our fiber wares to the Yankee yarn-lovers. Show veteran Stacey, our purchaser …

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New Book – Everyday Wraps

One of the hardest things about working on our exclusive collections is keeping them a secret for so long. I’ve been so excited about our new Everyday Wraps collection for months and now it’s finally available for everyone!

Everyday Wraps - a Sock Yarn Shawl patterns collection from Knit Picks

This gorgeous collection of 14 shawl patterns features yarn I have an abundance of – sock yarn! While I do love knitting socks, sometimes I want a project to show off the colors in a larger piece (and not one hidden by my shoes!).  With swaths of garter stitch with small doses of texture and simple lace patterns, this collection is a dream come true for me – and I think you will love it as well!

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