New Book – Everyday Wraps

One of the hardest things about working on our exclusive collections is keeping them a secret for so long. I’ve been so excited about our new Everyday Wraps collection for months and now it’s finally available for everyone!

Everyday Wraps - a Sock Yarn Shawl patterns collection from Knit Picks

This gorgeous collection of 14 shawl patterns features yarn I have an abundance of – sock yarn! While I do love knitting socks, sometimes I want a project to show off the colors in a larger piece (and not one hidden by my shoes).  With swaths of garter stitch with small doses of texture and simple lace patterns, this collection is a dream come true for me – and I think you will love it as well.

Of course I have some favorites! I’ve already begun my first of many projects from this book – the cover shawl Stratosphere by the marvelous Claire Slade.

Stratosphere by Claire Slade from

This has all of my favorite things about a shawlette – an interesting construction, a chance to play with multiple colors, and plenty of garter stitch and stripes.  Best of all, it uses my favorite yarn Hawthorne (currently on sale!). I dug through my stash and went with Astoria Tonal, Cully Multi, and Compass Kettle for my color choices, but honestly, I think this project would look lovely in so many variations.

Next on my list is another project that also uses Hawthorne – the Junction Shawl by Tetiana Otruta.

Junction Shawl by Tetiana Otruta from

This pattern is perfect for showing off Hawthorne Speckle, with simple lace and a solid contrast color. I don’t knit much lace but this pretty eyelet stitch seems to be one I can handle (plus the pattern is both charted and written out, which makes it easy to follow). I’m picturing using City Lights Speckle with Blackbird Kettle for sophisticated shawl to wear out on the town.

For a true one skein project, I love the Alyce Scarf by Ann Albe.

Alyce Scarf by Ann Albe from

Finding projects for Stroll Gradient can be a challenge since it needs to be big enough for the entire skein – small accessories such as hats and cowls likely only use about half the skein so you’d miss out on one of the colors and while socks would use the entire thing, you’d have 2 different colored socks. So the Alyce Scarf is perfect – it works up quickly with a mix of stockinette and garter, with some small eyelets thrown in at the end. The finished project is a nice soft wrap, great for throwing on over a top when the office air conditioner runs a little cold or wrapping around your neck for a little extra warmth when it’s chilly outside.  While I love the color we knit it up in (Stardust), I’d love to see one knit up in Summer Camp for a bit more a punch of brightness.

These 3 are just the tip of the iceberg – there are still 11 more lovely patterns to choose from in this collection. It’s a great time to pick up this book for your shelf –  it’s currently 40% off! (not to mention the Monthly Yarn Sale on all lines of Hawthorne too!). You can also get the eBook or each pattern by itself as well. I can’t wait to start seeing some finished projects of these designs!

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  1. Kimberly Napier / April 10, 2018

    So beautiful. I will have to put it on my wishlist. When I get it I will definitely review it on my podcast, Naturally, Kim’s Knitting