Podcast 275: Knit Picks on the Road, Stitches United

Show assistants Rozalyn K, Felecia O’Connell, and Angela Modzelewski

The most recent Knit Picks travel adventure brought us to wool-hungry Hartford, Connecticut for Stitches United. Like the proverbial fish-smelling guest, Winter lingered over the New England city as the Knit Picks team flogged our fiber wares to the Yankee yarn-lovers. Show veteran Stacey, our purchaser Alexis, and Knit Picks’ brand new IDP Coordinator Allison Drake join us to share their experience on the road.



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  1. Julie / April 17, 2018

    It was great to meet Rozalyn and chat about her Exploration Station shawl at the Knit Picks booth at Stitches United! Everyone was so friendly and engaging. One of my favorite parts of your booth was getting to see and touch all the yarn swatches! As you mention in the podcast, you just can’t do that through a computer monitor. It was glorious. Test driving the needles was fun too. Your booth was a must see.