Eco-friendly Simply Yarns

“It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.”

Amelia Barr

Knit Picks Simply Wool Yarns

Oh, life. Why can’t you consist of endless cups of coffee and an abundance of yummy yarn? Oh, wait. You CAN. Enter our Simply Yarns: simplicity at it’s finest! It doesn’t get much purer than our Simply Wool, Alpaca, & Organic Cotton yarns. The colors that you see are just as nature intended them to be. These eco-friendly varieties offer a subtle spectrum of earthy colors and textures, perfect for adding some neutral foundation pieces to your wardrobe.

Simply Wool

Knit Picks Simply Wool

With names like “Wilhemina” and “Wilbur”, the family of Simply Wool yarns is both endearing and perfect for a classic cardigan or wrap, like the  Straight and Arrow Cardigan or the Laura Shawl.

Simply Alpaca

Knit Picks Simply Alpaca

This is the softest of the soft, the coziest of the cozy, the smooshiest of the smooshy.  However you describe this über natural fiber, one touch of our Simply Alpaca and you’ll be scrambling to make ALL the things with this yarn.  No dyes or bleach are used to process the yarn; a full spectrum of natural shades are created by meticulously sorting the fiber. Surround yourself in its warmth with the Cavendish Wrap or the Portree Poncho, both projects well suited for this yarn line.

Simply Organic Cotton

Knit PIcks Simplay Cotton project

Luxurious, super soft, and easy to work, our 100% Organic Simply Cotton Yarns are good for you AND Mother Earth. No dyes or bleach are used to process the yarn, and since the color is naturally occurring, some variation from skein to skein is normal. Perfect for neutral baby gifts, like this sweet + classic Simply Seamless Baby Blanket or everyday wearables like the Calm Tide Cardigan. With summer just around the corner, this yarn* will be a major player in my project queue. Plus, for all you indie dyers, this cotton acts as a wonderful base for your personal color touches!

*Note: Because it is cotton, we highly recommend knitting a swatch and washing and drying it the way you intend to wash and dry the final project to check shrinkage and gauge before knitting your project. You mayexperience a 5-10% shrinkage in length of knitted fabric.