Palette Galore!

I think that by now, we’re all pretty familiar with the gorgeous shot of the Palette family that’s been in the catalog and on web since September of last year. I know it particularly well because Kerin and I are the ones who sat down and sorted each ball into the lovely color order that you see here and I’m the one who sat down AGAIN and resorted it after the photography department was done with it in order to label each ball correctly in catalog. I can’t tell you how long this took, only that I’m getting pretty good at spotting the differences between Thicket and Briar Heather!palette_family


Two New Stroll Hand Painted Colors!


One of my favorite parts of my job here at Knit Picks is picking new colorways for Imagination and Stroll Hand Painted. It’s always fun to make twenty or so different colorways pulled from some of my favorite photographs, natural formations or time periods. Then we all get together and cull the herd of possible yarns down to two, three or however many we need to round out the existing yarn line. We only needed two new faces for Stroll Hand Painted this time and I’m really pleased with what we decided upon!


A Photo Session With Linus


I love any opportunity I get to photograph my little buddy, Linus. Once upon a time he helped us with a video for our old Special Reserve yarn, Sugarbunny and he was the little cutie modeling a knit sweater on this very blog a few weeks ago. Yesterday, we got to take advantage of his very accommodating personality (and his ability to hold still lying on his back all by himself) to take some fun photos with Palette.


A Billowing new cardigan

Spring is finally starting to hint at its arrival here in the
northwest. There are buds on all of the trees, and it’s actually almost
light out when I’m driving to work! This means that cold-weather
knitting is winding down, and it’s time to satisfy the need for
something a bit lighter. Since I was also eager to try out the amazing
new yarn Billow, I figured that a nice open-front cardigan would be just the thing for Spring!

Ever since we got the first samples of Billow, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.


Jury Duty Pullover

I just can’t get over HOW SOFT THIS YARN IS! I’ve been looking forward
to our very first shipment of our brand new yarn, Billow, since the day
we decided to add it to our lineup for 2013. I love the soft, luscious
color palette, the wonderfully tactile thick-and-thin strand and… did I
mention the color palette?!


Super Snuggly Cowls

As with everyone else in the office, I ooo’d & aww’d over Billow.  The colors were beautiful and it’s so so soft! But when it came time for me to choose a project – I was stumped.  My coworkers were hard at work on blankets and sweaters but I wanted something smaller that I could keep next to my skin at all times – so cowls seemed to be the most obvious choice!

I opted to finally do the famous GAP-tastic Cowl – it’s been something in my queue for a very long time.  I chose my favorite color of Billow - Spearmint – and got to work.


The Ultimate Billow Blanket

When our latest yarn Billow first arrived to the office, I was in the same boat as all of my crafty coworkers: completely head-over-heals, need to have it in my life, in love with this yarn. Unfortunately, this caused me great anxiety as I am very much a one-at-a-time project kind of gal – but Billow was just so tempting! Considering I was going to break my “one project” rule for Billow (I have an in progress cowl on the needles), I methodically rummaged through my books and patterns looking for the perfect project.

my ultimate billow blanket, nestled nicely on top of my couch


Cute Chroma Cap-Free pattern!

Recently I whipped up a little striped Chroma hat, and it’s quicky
become my favorite hat this winter. It didn’t take much yarn, just a
little of two colors, and the pattern is super easy! It’s a quick and
cute project for using up yarn leftovers. So, I thought I’d share.

You’ll need about 30 grams each of two colors of Chroma Worsted (my finished hat weighs 58 grams). I used Windermint and Wildwood…

Click through to see the pattern!